(1) Your POV - Peter?

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You looked up at the sky, dreaming of the one..The one for you and only you. As silly as it was, you were a dreamer and hopeless romantic. You grabbed your notebook and your pencil pouch and began to draw. You were an artist, and you loved to close your eyes when you drew because it made you feel a certain special way. You closed your eyes and scribbled across the page, not missing a single spot. When you opened your eyes, you were surprised to see a drawing, your drawing, of a beautiful man. He had a smirk on his face and magnetic eyes.

He was simply... breath-taking. You closed your eyes once again, reached into your pencil pouch for colors, and began coloring. Your eyes slowly flickered open, and the colors you chose were green and brown. He had luring green eyes, and his hair was the perfect shade of brown. You smiled at the picture.. He seemed like one of the princes from fairytales, or rather just not real. You decided to write in cursive the name, 'Peter'. You sighed. Sometimes you wished things were real.. Unlike most girls, you believed that somewhere out there was a place where anything can happen.

You violently shook your head back and forth, silly! Things like that never happened even if you wished so. You continued to draw the rest of the day, sketching unfamiliar terrians and new pictures of Peter. The terrian looked like an island, a magical one, you decided it was Peter's home. You could notice that there were figures on the island near a camp.. Boys? Without your consent, your hands moved across a blank page writing words and what seemed to be clues. You were dumbfounded when your hands stopped.. What just happened? You thought. Your eyes drifted back to the paper with markings.

Suddenly, you blacked out. The only thing you could see was the fading picture you drew of the man, Peter. Your vision whitened, and you clutched onto something, your notebook. (Or so you thought.) You felt your eyebrows furrow, and you wondered why your book was so warm. You tried opening your eyes, yet they wouldn't buldge. You were stuck! The thought made you squeeze the thing in your arms, causing you to hear a yelp. You felt your body fall onto a soft grainy area.

"Hm.." An unfamiliar voice yelped. The voice was soothing and had an accent too it. Confused, your eyes finally opened to be revealed to intense and familiar green eyes staring back at you. They looked at you amused yet sadistic.

You regconized those eyes somewhere... His face backed away, revealing his smirk. Your eyes widened, your drawing! You stared at him, puzzled.

"Peter?" You questioned, uncertain of what was going on. His facial expression shifted and you can slightly see him have a feeling of confusion. His face changed once again and he had that same smirk on. He bridal carried you, and you felt the warmth once again. You were about to doze off, but you remembered your notebook. You got up and out of his arms, and frantically searched for your scarce book. However, you didn't see it anywhere.

"Where is it?" You hissed at Peter. You were taken back by your own sudden attitude.

"You mean this?" He smirked and chuckled. With a wave of his hand, your journal appeared. You dove for it and attempted to take it from him.

"Not so fast little girl, not until you tell me how you know me? I know I'm famous and but," He smirked, amused.

"I don't know? I-I- Just give me my book back." You stuttered, this had to be a dream. Peter was just a drawing! His grin turned into a frown.

"Hm..Follow me." He stated and you were uncertain of what to do. Hesitantly, you grabbed your journal and took small steps behind him.

-------- End Of Chapter 1 -------

A/N (Author's Note): Hey! So that's chapter one.. I'm pretty sure that was short right? No? I dunno. Anyway, thanks for reading.. Give me some feedback is it boring or what so far? xD It's really predictable but I mean there isn't many Robbie Kay/Peter Pan x Reader Fanfics or so I think so..

There aren't as many Fanfics of him anymore because it's been like a year, but I recently just started watching and I just finished season 3 so I'm behind.

If you dont like the perspective I put the story in, you can just imagine a character you like or want to be or celeb, and then think of that instead of yourself in the story.

Lots of Love! -xIlahi <3

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