~late Night Walk~

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After eating dinner camilo and y/n left the casita "y/n I have a spetial place I would like to show you." y/n was exited, camilo covered her eyes, the feeling of camilo's arm round her waist was enough to make her fluster, he uncoverd her eyes, the sky was a dark blue color and the stars burned brightly, y/n looked at cami, who was staring at the sky with an adorable smile spread wide across his face, he turnd over to y/n, he rapped hands his around her  torso and layed his head on her shoulder, his soft warm breaths gave y/n tingles, she kissed his head and they both blushed

Y: it's so pretty.

C: just like you mi amor <3

They both layed down on the grass, y/n layed her head down on camilo's chest, after a while of watching the stars they both fell asleep in the grass,


Camilo woke up first, he looked up just to see Dolores looking down at him smirking, camilo freaked out and shapeshifted into 7 diffent people, y/n woke up and calmed him down by runing her hand down his face, she flipped over and gave him a peck on the lips.

Y:hello dolores

D: what are you to lovebirds doing up on a hill? Mami pepa was worried sick camilo.

C: sorry we kind of fell asleep

D: well I can see that *she winked* now come on you to let's get you love bugs back to the casita

Camilo looked annoyingly at Dolores, y/n grabbed his hand and followed her.

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