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{in this story y/n and camilo are both 16 or 17, 16 is the legal age of consent by the way <3}

y/n's pov:


I turn over to face camilo who is sleeping beside me, his sparkling brown eyes and curly brown hair give me butterfly's, I run my hand through his hair, twirling a strand around my finger and kissing him on the forehead, camilo eyes slowly open and I'm greated with a small smile

Y/n: I'm sorry I didn't mean to wake you

Y/n pulls her hand away

Camilo:no, no keep going it feels nice..

Camilo half asleep grabs my hand and places it on his head, y/n carrys on playing with his hair for about half an hour until she falls asleep


Camilo wakes up and y/n is asleep with her head on his chest and her hand pressed softly against his face, camilo blushes, her soft hand moves over to his waist, camilo looks at y/n, she is awake and smiling,

C:good morning

Y:good morning cami

He pulls her in for a kiss, after they both get dressed and brush their teeth, they head down for breakfast and they sit down, y/n sits next to camilo and they eat

Doloris:Hi y/n! Did you have a good night?

Y: yes thank you for asking doloris!

After they all ate they stacked there plates up

C:would you like to go on a walk mi amor?~

Y: that sounds nice, I think a little walk shouldn't hurt *she'd kiss camilo on the cheek*

Maribel: go on you love birds

Camilo gave maribel a stare and walked out holding y/n's hand.

{sorry to everyone who got upset with the line ''her soft pale hand moves down to his waist'' i didnt mean for that to sound racist or anything, i have got  rid of the pale part, so its ''her soft hand'', i guess i imagend y/n as white while wrighting that, i am truly sorry and i hope you guys can forgive me. If you guys have anymore problems feel free to tell me im open to any critisim or anger, thank you for pointing that out, And again, i really am sorry Xxx} 

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