Chapter 1

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    "Dad this is not the time for laughing. Can't you see what kind of dilemma I'm in? They basically kidnapped me dad," I said bitterly, hoping he would shut up. I finally arrived in the big academy and I tell you the buildings looked like castles. I was supposed to be at the receptionist but before I regret any more I told the two men who had been following and watching my every move that nature was calling. I was now seated on a very big shiny and white toilet bowl on the phone, with my dad at the other end. God, these shining toilets must have cost a fortune. But what should I expect? This school was made for princesses, and heiresses.

  "I'm sorry darling, but I just couldn't believe you were chosen by that useless school." He chuckled sounding amused.

"They said it was because I'm smart and could think fast." I wasn't bragging, I was just repeating what the the middle-aged guys said.

"I can understand that of course. That's because I'm the one who brought you up." He said proudly and I could feel he was smirking smugly.

"But I don't want to be here." I rolled my eyes.

"I can't go against the kings and queens or the ministry. Believe me one of my friend's daughter was chosen and he asked me for advice on how to get his daughter out of there but after he told me everything he'd done, I couldn't give him anything. And you know I have to abide with the stupid rules"

"So I can't actually leave this hellhole?" I groaned. It felt like being locked in prison and getting kidnapped suddenly became legal.

"Sorry honey but I'll see what I can do. I know you can take care of yourself. Make your daddy proud."

"How do you know I'll be alright here? Who knows what they'll do to me?" I wouldn't say it but the truth was I was scared. This academy was too big for and classy for me. I didn't belong here.

"I have faith in you. I love you." He answered which made me whimper. I covered the phone and sobbed loudly for a second. I didn't want my dad to worry so much although he didn't sound like he was.

"I love you too daddy but why do you believe in me so much?"

"Because you're my daughter."

       My tears suddenly stopped from falling down. That's right. What the hell was I doing in the bathroom, locking myself from the world? Where did my confident self-go? Thanks dad, I needed that. I wiped my tears away and got out of the bathroom. The two men led me to the receptionist who looked like she had been waiting for me all day.

"Finally, Ms. Valdez welcome to our school," She said with a strong voice, smiling at me brightly. I smiled back politely, at least someone's nice here. "Here's your schedule, and I.D. Those men will lead you to the girl's dormitory."

Great, she just said dormitory which means I would be living with other people. Hopefully they weren't spoiled princesses otherwise I would shave their heads.

 "How many people will I live with?" I asked, better be prepared.

"There will be three of you, so you'll be living with two other girls."

I noticed that something was wrong with her face and her voice. I stared harder at her glasses and finally understood.

"You have very nice eyes miss or Mrs. Why would you bother hiding them beneath those fake glasses?" I asked, smiling a little.

She paled then blushed. Oh, she's hiding something, I could tell. "U-u-umm. I j-just like wearing them."

"I see." I nodded, not bothering to ask anymore. "I guess I'll be going now."

"I see why they chose you out of many potential candidates. You're very observant and not afraid to point it out," she complemented.

"No."I shook my head. "I just notice things that are out of place. You're out of place."

She looked surprised for a moment then she smirked. Standing rigidly, she took off her glasses and unclasped the tight bun of her hair. "You're right Ms. Valdez. I'm not a receptionist. I'm Mrs. Wales, the teacher you will have for proper etiquette and manners. I was surprised when they had chosen you out of the many great other schools and their many talented candidates. I couldn't see why they chose you and so I went to see myself why. I got my answer. And now I accept you in our academy, welcome once again." She smiled at me as she held out her hand for me to shake.

I shook it gladly, my suspicions vanishing. "So that explains the strong voice," I said and she laughed.

      I was exhausted when I had arrived in my room and let me tell you it was huge. I wondered why they couldn't just separate it with three rooms so we could all have our own privacy. The place even had a kitchen and a big tv set with long plush couches. Jeez, it can be a house.

"Oh my god you're here!" A beautiful, tall looking Asian cried. She went and hugged me. I hugged her back, accepting her friendliness. It was nice to be greeted with open arms.

"Yes I'm here," I replied.

She laughed and it sounded nice. She had a calming almost soothing voice, she could be a singer, I thought.

"Nessa don't scare her away." A girl appeared out of nowhere.

"It's fine, I'm not going to run away. I mean I would if I could." I assured her and she chuckled along with what I presumed was called Nessa.

"Hi I'm Vanessa Ulsery Pottera Blighton. Daughter of Queen Guiverra from an island in Indonesia," Nessa said as I shook her hand. What a nice and well-mannered princess.

"And I'm Mary Riallyn Havard, daughter of Lady Mary Anne Havard from London," The other girl introduced and I shook her hand as well. So this one was an heiress, and she seemed nice as well but I could feel that she wasn't anyone you would want to mess with. The girl had piercing dark grey eyes and platinum long hair while Nessa had black bright eyes with black hair. Both were stunningly beautiful in their own way.

  "And I'm—-"

"Clarissa Marie Valdez daughter of the cunning and ferocious man who was recently helpful with the police and a business man too—Richard Jackson Valdez. By the way your dad is so cool. I'm totally his fan." Nessa finished.

"How'd you guys know?" I asked surprised.

"What? You didn't know? You're all over the news. Everyone's talking about you. It was the first time that a daughter of what once was a convict was admitted to this school. Usually the school is pretty strict in choosing those who could attend. They are very wary and wouldn't trust easily. Even I had a hard time enrolling in this school." Riallyn said. What?! Now I'm in the news. Things are really getting out of hand here.

"Great, just great," I said sarcastically but they just nodded not really sensing my dread.

"That's right, and there's even a rumor," Nessa continued.

"What rumor?" Riallyn asked.

"I was just going to say it Ria." Nessa hushed as Ria rolled her eyes. "I heard that you were selected by someone very very influential and so great." She looked up dreamily and sighed.

"Who?" I asked.

"Lucas Alexander Ultave Vistozar," She replied as Ria gasped. I remembered the handsome middle-aged man with a beard telling me about someone influential choosing me so it must be him. From his big name, he must be a really big man, probably a really wealthy man.

"Who's that?" I asked curiously so I could ask this guy what could have possibly happened to his brains that made him select me personally. It was probably his fault I was here.

"You don't know? He's the prince of Venice"

I groaned. Now what the heck have I gotten myself into?

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