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The lecture room was full of people that morning. Natalie looked proudly around the room. She was really excited for that day and the medical history they were going to make. She was extra proud for the visitor that was coming at the hospital. Catherine Avery. Only her number one medical role model. And the fact that she was the chief of surgery at the time they were doing a a penis transplant for the first time, made her mood a little bit better.

She took her seat next to Mark and smiled widely at him. It was one those days that she didn't regret accepting the job offer. Until she would get home a little too late and neither of her daughters were awake. "I'm so excited for this." She told him. "You're going to love it."

"I'm going to love going through a presentation?" Mark asked already bored. Natalie hadn't informed him about what was going to take place that day. Mostly because she knew that he was going to have too many questions and too many doubts.

"Oh, it's more than that." She raised her eyebrows like she was telling him that he was going to be surprised in few seconds. "Shh, she's here." She said when Catherine Avery came out on stage.

"Wake up, everybody." The woman, also known as Jackson's mother, yelled the moment she appeared one stage. "I know, I know, it's grand rounds, where we have to sit and listen to somebody talk about how somebody did something and here's how they did it, and there's not enough coffee in Brazil for this." She said making the crowd laugh. "Well, not today. Today we are going to do. Today I'm going to change a life and maybe make medical history, too. And I can't do it alone. Ryan, honey, would you come out here, please?" A young male joined her on stage. "Everybody, this is Ryan." Ryan waved awkwardly. "Ryan, could you show everybody what we're here to do today?" Catherine asked him and he took off his bathrobe. "Ladies and gentleman, I'd like to invite a few very lucky residents to scrub in on this country's first penis transplant."

And everyone gasped.

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"Thanks to a case of penis cancer, Ryan underwent a full penectomy 11 months ago." Few seconds later, Catherine started explaining the situation. "Good margins left him basically cured and cancer free so that's gone. And today we'll be replacing the other thing Ryan lost. A suitable donor's become available here at Seattle Grace Mercy West, and Ryan generously agreed to fly out and make this day a teaching opportunity. Who wants in on it?" She asked and every single doctor in the room raised their hands. "Hello! That's more like it."

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