Black Butler Truth or Dare

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Chapter 1:

The two stared deeply into the other's eyes; one full of hatred and one full of playfulness. Both wanted to play a game that would claim a victory. Their butlers stood idle beside them, attempting to stare each other down. Who was the better butler? No one could choose between the two. Ciel and Alois contemplated in their heads, which game would benefit them.

Alois finally spoke "Why don't we play Truth or Dare?" He gave Ciel his infamous playful grin.

"No, we will not play such a pathetic game. I declare a game of chess." Ciel was the one in charge, always. However, Alois was quite the persuasive young earl.

"Why, are you scared?" Alois raised his left eyebrow slightly, feeling as though he had won already. "I'll tell you what, how about I raise the stakes. I assume both Sebastian and Claude know how to tell if one is lying. So, if you lie or refuse to do a dare, you have to remove one piece of clothing. The first naked loses".

Ciel sat quietly for about 30 seconds before agreeing with Alois. "Since you are the guest, I will allow you to go first" Ciel said while crossing his legs and placing his chin gently on his fist which was on the armrest of the chair.

Alois sat up and clasp his hands together excitingly "This is going to be fun! Ciel Phantomhive, Truth or Dare?"

"Truth" Ciel said calmly, as if he won this game before it had started.

The blonde pondered over the millions of questions he wanted to ask the bluenette. His eye wandered over to Ciel's butler; Sebastian. Alois smirked at Ciel "Does Sebastian ever, pleasure you?"

Ciel blushed and fought to keep his composer "True" he said nervously and glance at Sebastian, who was looking a bit too pleased at this mediocre game.

Alois began laughing "Who knew the queen's dog was so naughty".

"Truth or Dare, Alois Trancy?" Ciel completely ignored Alois' comment.

"Dare of course" Alois smiled, glad to see Ciel finally getting into this.

Ciel couldn't help but to smirk; he could make the person he hated do anything. "I dare you to order Claude to slap you".

Alois glanced back at Claude, who looked way to happy after hearing such a dare. He didn't want to get slapped by Claude; it would terrify him too much. "I refuse" he said as he kicked off both of his shoes. "Truth or Dare?"

Ciel smirked, as if to rub in his small victory. "I choose Dare" Ciel said overconfidently.

Alois almost growled at Ciel's sudden arrogance. "I dare you to kiss Sebastian" Alois wanted to get back at Ciel. He just knew that the bluenette would refuse to do something so embarrassing in front of the one he hates.

"Sebastian, come here!" The young Phantomhive ordered and smiled at Trancy's stunned face. Sebastian kneeled in front of his young master and awaited command. Ciel uncovered his right eye and said "Sebastian, I order you to kiss me". His demonic butler smirked as his eyes flashed red and said "Yes, My Lord".

Sebastian leaned over the small boy, taking in all of the intriguing wonders of the young Phantomhive. He gently pulled Ciel closer and placed a passionate kiss on the boy's fragile lips, feeling the warmth they gave to his abnormally cold skin and how the boy melted into his arms. He could almost taste the boy's delectable soul. Sebastian moved his hand up the young earl's shirt, gaining a shiver from the bluenette.

Alois sat there in complete and total shock; that was so unexpected and mind-blowing. "So I was right, you are a naughty little dog".

Ciel pulled away from Sebastian and slapped him "Don't get carried away". Sebastian licked his lips and smiled "Yes, My Lord". Ciel liked the way Sebastian kissed him and he wanted more. Simply thinking about it made him blush furiously. The bluenette regained his composer and asked "Truth or Dare?"