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You : 9
Chres : 11


You and your best friend Chres were at a cook out in tha backyard of his house. Y'all were running around playing until he tackled you fell on top of his. Y'all giggled and laid there until Chres's giggling calmed and smile faded.

"Can you get up? My thingy is hard."

You get up and look down at his pant and saw he had a bulge in his jeans. You being curious, you grabbed it making him gasp.

"Are you OK?" You asked worried.

" hurts now" Chres whined. You got up and grabbed his hand. You walked in front of him hiding his "problem".

You two got to tha room and he sat in his bean bag chair.

"Does it still hurt?" You asked standing in front of him.

"Yea. Get these pants off of me."

You bent over and unbuttoned his pants pulling them off. His boxers had a huge tent in them. You grabbed it again, but this time he groaned in pleasure.

"Move your hand.." He told you. You moved your hand and he opened his mouth slightly and a moan escaped his mouth. Your eyes widened and you stopped.

" feels nice. Keep going please?" He whimpered.

"Let me take off your boxers.."

You pulled down his boxers and his dick sprung out making you gasp.
, and his eyes widened.

"Now can you keep going?" Chres asked. You nodded and grabbed it and continued to move your hand up and down his dick, not even knowing you were giving your first hand job.

Chres bucked his hips in your hand, so you quickened your pace. His breath quick.

"Wait..I'm gonna pee.." Chres moaned out. You stopped and looked at him. You then remembered about a video you watched in your dad's room. The girl sucked his thingy until some white stuff came out.

You just lowered your head and took his dick in your mouth making him moan and grab your head. You moved your head up and down making him moan loud.

"Its coming back!" Chres moaned and squeezed his eyes shut. Then all of a sudden, warm liquids filled your mouth. Your eyes widened but you remembered she swallowed, so you did..

"That was amazing.. Where did you learn that?" Chres asked outta breath.

"I saw it on a video my dad has in his room."

"Well can I come over tomorrow and we could watch it?" Chres asked pulling up his clothes. You nodded and smiled. You both went back outside like nothing happened.


I'll be making several parts to this imagine. But hope you enjoyed. Vote&Comment!

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