Chapter 13 - Matt's P.O.V

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okayy... This is the first chapter that is solely from Matts perspective. I wanted to talk about his views about Valary a little more. I guess you could say that this chapter has shown Valary to be a harbinger of bad luck and arguements for Matt and Charlotte - but hey, its expected is it not?

I hope you enjoy it!!!

“Come on, Matt.” Charlotte said, gently trying to help me up the steps to the tour bus. I wasn’t that drunk but I had certainly had one too many.

I was terrified about Valary resuming the tour with us. She should have been at home with the baby’s father, not here.

I had seen Charlotte talking to Michelle; I was just relieved that they were getting along.

“Charlotte,” I mumbled. “Can we go to bed? I’m tired.”

“Of course,” she said softly, leading me to my bed. As we approached, I saw that there was someone in my bed already.

I sobered up quicker than I ever had.

“Valary?” Charlotte and I exclaimed in unison and anger.

“Hey, baby.” She smiled. “Are you coming to bed?” I swear to God that woman was living in a fucking fantasy world. She looked over to Charlotte and her smiled immediately sank into a deep, malicious frown.

“NO!” I shouted “I am not your baby. I am nice enough to let you stay on tour with us and you think that you can just get back in my bed whenever you so wish?”

“Who is this?” Valary said, looking disgusted.

“This, is not an object, Valary. She is becoming more important to me with every minute I spend with her.”

Valary sat back in defeat. 

“Get out of MY fucking bed!”

“Matt,” Charlotte spoke up impatiently. “Come on, let’s just go sleep somewhere else.”

“Yeah,” I retorted, looking down at Valary in disgust.

“Don’t forget that we’re still married Matthew!” Valary shouted after us.

All I could do was snigger.

I looked at Charlotte and felt complete remorse for what had just happened.

“Don’t worry about it – I expect to encounter some difficulties with her.”

“You don’t deserve it.”

“Mhmm.” Charlotte remarked.

“What does that mean?”

“It’s nothing, Matt.”

“It’s clearly something! Just tell me.” I looked deep into her eyes and saw a hint of disbelief.”

“You’re worried about Valary and me, aren’t you?”

She stayed quiet.

“I cannot believe you! How could you think that I would do anything with her?” I hadn’t even let her speak.

“Matt, listen to me! I’m not worried about what you will do! I trust you! It’s her that I don’t want to be around. I fear about how far she will try to go with you.”

“I cannot believe that we are having this conversation. Do you honestly think I would let her get near me?”

“Well I think she would be pretty persistent in her efforts. And when you’re drunk – you get very seductive and I know that she will take advantage of that.”

“Don’t you see that this is what she wants to happen?”

“Just leave me alone, Matt!” Charlotte shouted, her eyes filling with tears as she became visibly upset.

Hearing the argument, Michelle stepped out from around the corner.

“What is going on out here?!” She shouted at us. By this time Charlotte was sobbing. Michelle opened her arms and embraced her in a friendly hug.

“Come inside with me,” she said kindly. Charlotte nodded and followed her.

“Charlotte I-” she completely ignored me and walked away with Michelle.

I loved Charlotte – how could she not trust me?  What Valary had done to me could never be forgiven. Secretly, although I never told anyone this, I had still loved her until I met Charlotte. I pretended that I didn’t because I was so humiliated. I was so distraught by what she had done to me. I honestly thought that we would be together forever.

Maybe Charlotte and I weren’t so different.

Charlotte made me forget everything about what had happened. I felt so secure around her and I let my barriers down. She was an amazing person. The fact that she could not trust me has distressed me even more now. After the hurt I felt by Valary, I expected that she would know how much I despised her. How much I wanted to be with Charlotte. She knew just as well as I did of the pain that is caused by an unfaithful partner.

I felt that there was no one I could trust. I threw each of my shoes at the wall in anger.

“Matt,” I heard a small whisper. One that I had grown to know and long for over these past few days.

“Hey,” I turned around and smiled. “I- uh, are you okay?”

She shook her head. It was understandable.

“Me neither,” I interjected before she could speak.

“I’ve been thinking, should I really be here?”

“Yes! YES of course you should. You have more of a right to be here than Valary does.”

“But Matt, she’s your wife. Doesn’t she deserve that much?”

“Not after what she has done. I despise her for that. How can I ever forgive her?”

“Because, Matt if you don’t forgive her then you will constantly hold a grudge and will never be able to move on with your life. You’re the bigger person than she is. You really have to remember that.”

I looked into her eyes and saw the sincerity within.

“If you leave, then she will get the incentive to try it on further, don’t you see? She will have won!”

Charlotte nodded. “You’re completely right.”

“I know I am.”

“I’m really tired. Can we just go to bed?”

I nodded and grasped her hand in mine. We can sleep in the spare bunk.”

We walked in and locked the door behind us.

Charlotte sat down on the bed and I knew that she wanted to talk some more.

“Matt, do you think we’re working out?”

“YES! Of course I do. Every relationship has its problems and Valary is one that will test our strength as a couple.”

Charlotte smiled, relieved.

“I love you.” She mouthed as I leaned in to kiss her. We fell back on to the bed as I brushed my lips against hers. They were soft, moist and irresistible. I simply could not control myself.

I beamed seductively at her and, to my joy, she reciprocated.

“Are you sure that you want to do this on a tour bus?” I questioned. I knew that she did but I wanted to be careful. Charlotte was fragile.

“Yes.” She replied with haste. As I peered into her eyes, all I could see the lust burning in them.

That night was the best yet, no interruptions, and all thoughts of Valary had dissipated in the moment.

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