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im not going to delete the story, i usually dont delete my stories. after reading your comments and finally beating james charles freddy in help wanted vr , i have some motivation.

also great news, i might have covid and im getting a test soon i hope. i dont have the vaccine cuz of my dad so i can just hope that i live 🤧 i have a really sore throat and a cough, a headache, a stuffy nose, fatigue, i haven't lost my taste or smell so thats cool.

they really shouldnt have opened up school til covid was gone gone or containable in my opinion. right now it is not so schools really shouldnt be open or works.


you three scavenged the pizzaplex for any sort of escape or place of safety but you guys found nothing. of course that white rabbit was still chasing you.

she had some sort of affect on gregory, he would clutch his head everytime she started chasing us but the boy wouldn't tell me why.

i wanted to get out of this place, take the boy home and binge watch the hunger games with him.

my plan might not work but i sure hope it does.

" gregory, good news. the pizzaplex opens in five hours. " freddy told gregory, though he must not know  that's a long time to survive with a killer bunny chasing us.

" five hours ??? i'm not going to last five minutes ! " gregory let his hand slide down his face, a groan erupting from his mouth.

" with me and freddy helping you ? of course you'll be able to. " you patted his back, earning a small smile from him. " we just need to find somewhere safe. " you looked around, finding yourself and the other two following you back at the entrance, hoping for it to magically open and let you three out. or didn't want to break the news to gregory yet, seeming as he was very happy with freddy. " there has to be- "

" hey, little guy! " you turned around at the unfamiliar voice yelling. you were met with a green alligator or crocodile, really it's not a noticable difference. besides that, it was running towards you. it's jaw hung open and its sunglasses bounced with every step. judging from it's voice, it is probably a male.

you snapped out of your observant state, turning to your left to see gregory pulling at your arm with all his strength. he looked up at you.

" come on, y/n! we have to run! " he started pulling at you again and your senses came back to you. you picked him up, starting to run towards an open metal door.

freddy was nowhere to be seen but you guessed he was in a charging station.

you ran into the room, turning around and smashing the red glowing button. the door slammed shut, resulting in a startling noise. you only jumped when loud banging arose from the other side of the door. you set gregory down, looking to the monitor to see the power draining.

" what're we going to do? " you clutched your hair into your fingers, biting your lip. you had to protect gregory which you knew the green crocigator would go after first.

" gregory, grab the security pass. " gregory did as freddy said, starting to complain to him right after about how you and him were stuck in a room with limited power. " watch the cameras and wait until they go far enough away, then run. "

gregory gulped, nodding at the watch though it had no camera.

he started browsing the cameras, taking my hand.

" ok, let's go y/n. " he pressed the button, sneaking out into the dark hallways. we maneuvered around the animatronics, which there were two new ones you didn't see earlier.

making it out was easier than you thought, you ruffled gregorys hair and smiled at him.

" good job buddy. " he giggled, grinning at you. " you saved not only my life but yours too. " your smile widened and you started to walk hand in hand out into the center plaza again.

freddy stood there waiting for you two, which you would've walked over without a problem but stomping metal footsteps ruined that.

maybe it wasn't that easy.

cliff hanger 😱😱😱 no way

anyway thanks for the comments guys i appreciate it. i have some spicy angst to thank you guys 😈😈 lots of it.

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