Selena's POV

I was looking around the store, when I noticed a hot guy. I broke up with Zack and was on the look out for another one. "Don't even think about it Selena, I seen him first" Annie challenged. We both stare at each other, scowling. "I seen him first" I argued back. I started to run, but Annie grabbed me, "I don't think so Selena, he's mine." Annie shoved me on the ground and ran up the guy. "Why you." I got up and pulled my sister's hair, which eventually ended up in a fight. "Ah, guys, your ah mother is coming." To late because she was already there. "Car now!" mom ordered. Our fight forgotten, we got up and instantly ran to the car. "You can't let me have one, guy!" Annie yelled. Mom and Kathy came out of the store after another twenty minutes. "You two naughty teens are in for a good hairbrush spanking" mom said. Annie started to pale, as well as I think I am.

Kathy's POV

I watched in horror as my foster sister's got a spanking over Marcia's lap. SMACK you SMACK will SMACK Think SMACK again SMACK before SMACK you SMACK embarrass SMACK me SMACK in SMACK public." She's the strictest foster parent I've been given to, well actually she's my first besides the group home. "I'm so-sorry, it was Annie's fault!" Selena cried. SMACK, SMACK, SMACK, SMACK. Marcia started to scold. You SMACK were SMACK just SMACK as SMACK much SMACK to SMACK blame SMACK young SMACK lady SMACK and SMACK anymore SMACK words SMACK from SMACK you SMACK will SMACK result SMACK in SMACK the SMACK strap SMACK now SMACK hush SMACK and SMACK take SMACK your SMACK punishment. Smack after smack was layed down on her poor bottom with a hairbrush. Selena kicked, bawled and pleading her to stop, but she just kept bringing the hairbrush down. Then I seen Marcia pause briefly and gave Selena a loud smack, causing her to yelp loudly. "Corner" Marcia ordered. Selena rubbed her bottom and Marcia smacked it again. "Corner, before I give you another one." Selena ran to the corner. Annie's turn was just as much the same. Marcia slowly unbuttoned Annie's jeans, slid them down and started a warm up spanking. "Stop wiggling Annie" Marcia scolded. I watched as the spanks eventually made Annie start to sob. She pulled down her panties and started with the hairbrush. SMACK "you SMACK will SMACK Think SMACK again SMACK before SMACK you SMACK embarrass SMACK me SMACK in SMACK public." About forty smacks were layed and then a final slap, she yelled just like her sister had. Annie didn't have to be told to go to the corner, she ran there and put her hands to her head. "See Kathy, that was just round one. The next round is the belt." Annie and Selena both gasped in surprise. "I'd rather not watch the rest"

"ok dear." I went to the bedroom and layed on my bed, well it was more like a cot then anything and it was small. But it was something. I hope I never have to get a spanking, oh god I don't think I'll be able to stand it. 

Annie's POV

It was report card day and I was so looking foreword to it, mostly because I know I'm passing with flying colours, Selena on the other hand, not so lucky. "Alright class, when I call you name come up and retrieve your report cards." I waited until my name was called an quickly got up and took my report card. I opened up the big envelope and looked over my grades, solid B's yes!. When Selena opened her report card, she got a smile on her face. "How'd you do?"

"mostly B's, just two C's, mom's not gonna spank me" Selena said. The only way we'd we spanked is if we got an F in anything. 

When we got home, we seen Kathy in the corner, sobbing already. We soon found out what she was getting spanked for, bad behaviour at school. "Kathy, come over here please." Kathy very reluctantly walked over to Marcia. "I'm sorry I have to do this Kathy dear, but you were being a bad little girl." Kathy is eleven. "I-I'm sorry Marcia" Kathy bawled. Mom slid down her pants and underwear and layed her gently across her lap. Not even the second smack and she was sniffling and squirming and kicking. "I SMACK know SMACK this SMACK is SMACK your SMACK first SMACK spanking SMACK so SMACK I SMACK will SMACK let SMACK you SMACK squirm SMACK but SMACK try SMACK not SMACK to SMACK to SMACK much SMACK understand?"

"I-I-I'll t-try!" Kathy yelled. By the time she was done, she was a bawling mess, snot all over her face. Mom snuggled her into her lap, soothing her like she does to us all the time. "Alright Kathy it's over now" mom soothed. I never seen someone cry so much with just a hand spanking, wow. Considering this was her first spanking, mom wasn't even going that hard on her. We all went into the room together. "I NEVER want that to happen again!" Kathy said, falling flat on her stomach on her bed. "Unfortunately it will" Selena said with a sigh. 


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