Chapter 95: Clove

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Katniss is here! Wait, Katniss is here? I look over at Cato confused and he opens the door for her. She smiles awkwardly and pulls me into a hug. Somethings up. She hugs me a little tightly and I wince.

"No offence" I start lightly, trying for a smile "But why are you here?" I say and she laughs lightly. Cato looks down, almost nervously and sighs. What does he have to be nervous about?

"Katniss is here as a distraction so that I can go and get your birthday present" Cato says quietly, giving me a peck on the cheek between words. I nod and look back at Katniss carefully. 

"What should we do first?" Katniss asks and Cato leaves almost instantly. "We could go shopping, I don't know. Whatever you want to do. We do" she says with a small smile. I shrug lightly and sit down, why am I so tired? Oh, right, I know.

"Let's go to the park. We can do a lot there" I say and she smiles. We start on a light jog and I start to get tired way sooner than I should be. I'm already sweating and I'm gasping for breath. I shouldn't have worn such a thick and baggy sweatshirt. 

"We should take a break" Katniss says and I shake my head, I never stop on a run and I won't start now. She looks over carefully, still doubtful and we finally stop at the edge of the park. I stop and start to at least try and slow my breathing. It just barely works and we go to sit on one of the benches across from the fountain.

"What's the matter Clove?" Katniss asks suddenly. I shrug and glance over my shoulder carefully, she won't give up until she has an answer. "Clove, you can tell me. What's the matter?" she asks again and I can tell it's no longer a question.

"I don't know" I say slowly. She looks at me carefully, even more concerned and I sigh. "Okay. I'm pregnant". 

She practically gapes at me and I can feel her anxiety. Why is she so anxious? She finally seems to have regains consciousness and nods. I smile at her awkwardly and look away.

"How far? You don't look like it" she says and I roll my eyes. Of course I don't. I look down at my stomach, covered by the black sweatshirt and almost laugh. I can't get myself to tell Cato but I just spill everything to Katniss, I'm a horrible wife.

"What month is it? I think April? Right?" I ask and she nods. Okay that would be maybe 6 months. "5 months and however many weeks" I say quietly. She smiles, almost proudly and hugs me tightly. I wince again, too tight and she laughs lightly.

"I think I might be, but not nearly as far as long as you. If I am, at least" she says, very unsure. I smile and stand up, finally able to breathe properly. We start walking back and I start to need to take off the sweatshirt. I'm showing my pregnancy and I didn't want to scare Cato too much. I was thinking it would be his birthday present, well maybe me telling him would be. 

"So what should we do now?" she asks and I shrug. "We could watch the Games. I know that always cheers me up" she says with a gentle eye roll. I nod vigorously but we end up doing it either way. When Cato said Katniss was here to distract me I got nervous, but this should be fun.

We start to watch them in order, well just the most memorable parts until I start to doze off. When I wake up the first the I do is to check the time, almost 4 in the morning. Second thing is to check if Katniss is awake, of course not. I get up slowly and hobble to the kitchen. We just recently stocked up on food, and learned that we don't need jobs since we're Victors so we basically get paid for enduring our Games, plus a little for our time in the Capitol. I look through our new food and find a weird combination that I've just started eating a lot. Pickles, ice cream and peppers are amazing. I start to stir the ice cream with pepper and scoop them with slices of pickles.

I finish the bowl quickly and sigh. 'Wow I'm getting fat, or is it the baby?'. I strip out of my sweatshirt so I only have my tank-top and look down at my slowly growing bump. I need to go check what the baby will be soon. 

I walk back to the couch and watch as the 54th Games start. I watch the rest of them until my eyes can't stay open, no matter how hard I try. I dream about having kids but I wake up suddenly.

"Cato! What are you doing here?" I ask carefully, trying to hide my belly. This was supposed to be a surprise. Katniss is up, why wouldn't she warn me? I glance back at Cato and he's helping Katniss out. 

"Clove?" he asks as he catches my eye. I look away and hold in a scream. He's obviously seen my belly and he seems to be eyeing it like it might explode. I force a smile on my face but I know it came out nervous and worried.

"What are you hiding?" he says sitting next to me. I can't tell him, can I? This was supposed to be a surprise for his birthday. I sigh and look into his icy blue eyes.

"What do you mean?" I ask as clueless as I can. He looks at me carefully and shrugs. Hopefully he won't ask and I can just cover up. I grab my sweatshirt from the side of the couch and Cato looks over carefully again. I slip on my sweatshirt and sigh, 

"Clove, you're pregnant? Aren't you?" he asks and I glance at him nervously. At first I thought he was clueless enough to ignore my subtle symptoms but he's got it now. I nod slowly and he smiles proudly.

"Good" he says simply and I look at him half-way shocked. He's happy? I wasn't expecting that. I smile and lean onto him slowly. "Do you know what it is? I mean boy or girl?" he asks and I shake my head.

"I was going to go to the doctor's soon" I say quietly. He nods and leans onto my stomach. I look down nervously and he smiles. "So you're not mad? I thought you'd be a little disappointed that I've been lying to you for almost 6 months" I say looking away.

"6 months?" he asks sitting up carefully. He looks shocked but covers it quickly. I nod awkwardly and he starts to think, I can see it. I look at him awkwardly and he smiles.

"Do you want to go to the doctor today? We can get an appointment scheduled, if you want?" she asks and holds me close. I sigh and almost melt into him.

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