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Trust: Chapter 27

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A tear rolled down my mum's cheek and Mia grinned as they stared at me in shock, I looked in the mirror admiring the white dress I'd tried on. It was so blinding, it was an a line type of wedding dress, the trail flowed out behind me and the small tiara rested on my head. I smiled warmly as I looked at my reflection.

'Oh my gosh... you look amazing Shay.' Aisha said looking at me wide eyed, I laughed lightly and turned around to face Aisha who was holding Tyrell. I looked at him and grinned.

'You like mummys dress?' I said and ran my hands down it. I couldn't quite believe that I was trying on my wedding dress. It seemed so surreal; everything was going so fast. I'd managed to lose my baby weight, I was slim beforehand so it wasn't too hard. It had been two weeks since Justine had taken Aidan from his school. Today the men and boys (apart from Tyrell) had gone to shop for their suits, I hated the fact that Tarik was going to be at the wedding as Dominic's best man, Joel had gone with them. I told Dominic to pretend he knew nothing and just get on with things. Rochelle was acting funny, everytime I looked at her she looked away from me.

'Rochelle? You haven't said whether you liked the dress or not.' I said glaring at her and she faced me.

'Yeah... it looks fine.'

'Is that all? You've been so quiet for these past two weeks, I've hardly even seen you.' She shrugged.

'Work, looking after Kya I've just been really busy, sorry.' I rolled my eyes and Aisha looked at Rochelle weirdly.

'Well anyway...' My mum started, breaking the tension.

'I think it's time I paid for that dress!' She smiled, I laughed lightly and went to get changed. My mum was buying my dress for me as a present and we were all pitching in for the bridesmaid's dresses and shoes. There was so much money that had to go into wedding's but, you only do this once so hey... well in some people's cases, multiple times. My mum paid for the dress once I'd gotten ready and they said they'd send it to us in 4 days as it had to be altered. I strapped Tyrell in his carseat and we all got in the car and I drove home. I was on such a high, I knew how badly Dominic wanted to have sex and it had been nearly 2 months since I'd given birth so, he might get lucky.

We all went inside and I went to go and feed Tyrell upstairs, I heard my room door close as I'd finished and I looked up to see Chloe standing there. 

'You alright?' I asked and she sighed.

'We need to talk-'

'It's Aidan's birthday tomorrow, I've got him a few things but I really wish I had more money to buy him more stuff, fuck being unemployed is really hard but oh my god, I have the sexiest underwear I bought, its gonna be the first time since I-'

'CAN YOU JUST LISTEN FOR ONE MINUTE?' She shouted and I silenced.

'Everything has been about you, I've had to listen to you go on about your wedding, your baby, your lovely fiance, Aidan, everything has just been about you. When do you ever ask how Kya is?' I raised my eyebrow.

'Erm all the time, I do care about you and her Rochelle-'

'It really doesn't seem that way, I'm happy for you and all but can we just not speak about you for once? I really need to talk to you about something. Something I've been feeling so guilty about.' I patted the bed and she sat down, I got up and went to put Tyrell down in his room then came back into mine.

'What's going on?' I asked and a tear fell down her cheek.

'Chelle, don't cry babe.' I said and wiped her cheek.

'You know when you went to prison?' I nodded slowly.

'I erm... was having a bit of trouble dealing with it... and I went to go visit Dominic.' She looked towards the floor and I frowned slightly.

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