Chapter 7

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-THE NEXT DAY- (Wednesday)


"hey Venti you ready yet?"Xiao screamed out his name. "Yeah! Sorry, it's that my stomach was hurting pretty badly. But I'm fine now!"He smiled and laughed it off. "So. Are we going yet?"Venti tilted his and asked him.

"Yeah, come on"Xiao opened the door for Venti to go through and close it. 


"So what?"

"SOOO We still have to act like a couple, rightt?"Venti offered him a hand and waited for him to hold it.

"God your so annoying."Xiao whispered and held his hand. "Come on! Your the one who started it righttt? let's not keep Ms.jean waiting!"He said as they both started to walked over to there class.

They head inside the history class and went to there desk and sat down. Before Venti could even sit Lumine started whining and hugged him on the side. "WUAAH! IM SORRY VENTI! I  WASN'T THERE  TO HELP YOU!"She said sobbing.

"I'm okay,I'm okay! Don't worry about it, the nurses took care of it,and I feel fine now! Haha"Venti giggled and finally sat down.. "Good good, Ugh how dare they lay a hand on you, I bet they were..."

"They were??"

"Hehe! jealous"She started to laughed when she said the word 'jealous'

'Wow she really changed her mood.'

"Wh-why do you think that?" Venti asked. "Haha isn't it obvious?? They're probably jealous about you and Xiao relationships."

"God Lumine you make things weird. Plus it's a 'fake' couple, it's not REAL alright?"

"Yeah okay..sureeeee.. anyways be careful next time. I don't want you to keep getting hurt"She softly smiled at Venti and grabbed her own history book from her bag. "Yeah I will! Thanks!"Venti thanked him.


"Please read chapter 8 on the book for homework only,Have a good lunch"Mr.Albedo reminded the class. "Alright!!"The class answered back. "Hey uhm..Venti I have to stay here for only 1 minute with Xianling and Mr.albedo to help with some books I guess. Please don't get hurt on your way there."

Venti was sad that Xiao wasn't going to walk with him but he just randomly gave him a hug and then let go of him. "I won't! Meet us in the cafeteria! 'Kay?'"Venti waved at him and closed the door. "Yeah bye."Xiao waved back. Xianling came behind Xiao back and started to give him a smirky face. "Well well well a hot boy like you,dating a cute boy. You got some pretty good taste! Proud of you man"Xianling patted his back.

"Aughh a version of Lumine 2.0"Xiao touched the upper mid of his nose. "Come on you two. Please stack the books on the shelves."Mr.albedo called Xiao and Xianling for help with the books. "Hm? Oh yeah sorry sir!"Xianling rushed back to Mr.albedo and while Xiao walked over to the shelf and stacked them.


Venti never been this nervous to walk alone in the hallway. He wanted to text Aether or Lumine to walk with him but that will be a waste of time so he didn't.

After a short walk to the cafeteria he suddenly bumped into someone.. "Ack! God man! Watch where your going."A girl voice said.

"Huh? Oh! Im sorry,"Venti apologized.

"Oh? It's you. Why hello we meet again."

Venti froze and looked up at the person. 'Shit it's the girls.'Venti knew he's already died meat. "Ugh I thought I knocked you down. But here you are,alive. Come on girls..take him back to the old art room. Let's teach him a lesson to not get in my way."Her friends nodded there heads and started to held Venti arm and made sure he wouldn't escape. "Wait! I didn't even do anything yet to you!"Venti started to struggle to get out.

He wanted to cry,he didn't want it to happen again.

They finally made it to the old art room again and threw Venti on the ground once more. "Let me go you bastards!"Venti yelled at them and begged to let him go.

It was a 4v1,all overpowering him. And he couldn't do much about it.

"Shut up! Let us teach you a lesson"Venti started to cry in tears and sob.

"Pathetic. Can't even protect yourself."Before the girl can even lift up her arm,she suddenly got grabbed by the hand and was pushed to the sides. "Augh! What the hell!?"Before she could even say another word her eyes shook and her mouth went wide open.

'Shit it's Xiao.'The girl thought in her mind.

"Why the hell will you call someone pathetic when you have ur friends to help you beat up someone. This is literally a 4v1."Xiao turned his head around and stared at her. "Ugh! Come on guys! Leave him and let's go!" Her friends nodded and they'll all ran and pretend nothing just happened.

'God. I told him not to get hurt again.'Xiao said in his mind.

"Venti are you oka-"

Before he could say another word Venti dashed into Xiao arm and hugged his waist tightly. "I'm sorry! I know you said not to get into trouble n stuff but I f-failed to do so.! I'm sorry! I'm sorry!"Venti blamed himself for getting into trouble and made Xiao more worried.

Xiao didn't know how to comfort someone but just hugged him back. He knew how much trouble he's going through and he couldn't blame him for that.

"Venti. This isn't your fault. I left you again when I was the one that I promise you that you won't get hurt by them. How stupid of me not thinking twice to let you go alone. This wouldn't all happen if I didn't do that stupid situation.."Xiao released the hug and kissed him on the forehead.

Venti didn't say a word but stared at the ground and wrapped his both arms. "Come on. Let's not ruin this lunch now."Xiao offered him a hand.

Venti looked up and unwrapped his own arms and held his hand.


Okay I was planning to named the girl 'b' stand for bully so it wouldn't be confusing of which girl and who is talking. Anyways! I GTG TO SLEEP NOW! NIGHT <3

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