Easter! <Tadashi>

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Tadashi laid lazily sprawled out on his bed. He didn't care what day it was, what time. He just didn't want to wake up. Baymax basically beat the living shit out of him. He heard the footsteps running up the stairs, but didn't care.

"Hhhiiirrrooooo." he groaned. "Go away."

"I- . . . I'm sorry to disturb you. ." A saddened female voice said. His eyes shot open, instantly recognizing the voice. By the time he sat up, all he seen was a cute wrapped up box sitting by the stairs. He groaned, spamming his face into his pillow. He got up and walked over to the stairs. He picked up the box and opened it. Inside the blue box was a note, the writing written in neat, (fav.colr) pen. He smiled and began reading it.

Dear Tadashi,

First off, Happy Easter! Today is our 5 year anniversary for our friendship! I got you a gift for the double holiday! If I can. . I will try to tell you that I love you. . But if I can't tell you with my voice, just read the note. The gift(s) are (fav.flavor) cookies with (far.colr) frosting! Hope you enjoy!


As Tadashi read the note, his heart slowly broke. He crushed you, just when you were gonna 'confess' your love. He stood up, grabbed his gift, set it on his desk next to the one he made for you. He grabbed the gift he made for you and ran down the stairs. He ran out the two doors of the café. He out the gift in the basket of his moped and got on. He drove to your house.


You knew he was up all night, but you didn't think be would get mad at you do easily. All you did was go up into his room. Was that so wrong? You sat in your bed, destroying yourself with upsetting, heart breaking thoughts. You were a sensitive girl. You jumped when you heard a knock at the door. "FREDDY FAZBEAR! I'M SO SORRY!! I DON'T KNOW WHAT I DID BUT I'M SORRY!!" You screamed, hiding under your fort of pillows. You heard heavy, fast foot prints heading for your room.

"(Y/n)?!" a low voice screamed.

"Tadashi!" you jumped up and hugged the man before he could get out the door.

"Look, I'm so so sorry! I didn't mean to be so rude, I just wanted some extra sleep! I thought you were Hiro, going-"

You, being a very shy girl, did something brave.

You kissed him.

And he kissed back.

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