Chapter One

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Camila's POV

"Camila! Bring your bags down!" I hear my mother, Sinu, calling for me from downstairs.

"Coming!" I respond loudly, struggling to zip one of my overstuffed suitcases. I sigh heavily, tired from waking up early to finish packing my last items.

Today was the day. I was finally starting college at the University of North Carolina! I was so nervous, yet excited to see what it would hold for me. I've been dreaming about college ever since I was a little kid. I'm majoring in music and dance, two things I'm so passionate about.

I grab two of my suitcases, dragging them down the carpeted staircase. My mom is waiting for me by the door, ready to help load my bags into our car. She smiles at me, looking proud.

"I'm so proud of you, mija." She embraces me in a hug. "You're going to love being at college." She pats me on the back.

"I hope so." I respond, hugging her back tightly. Even though I was excited, I would miss my mom so much. She was always there to guide me and help whenever she could.

She let me go and turned to open the door, carrying one of my bags. As we packed up the car, I wondered who my roommate could be, and if she would be nice (hopefully). Or cute (almost more hopefully)...




"Oww! Somebody stuck gum in my hair!" Camila cried, sitting up on her mat during nap time. She was frantically trying to remove the wad of sticky gum from her hair, to no avail.

Another little girl, Lauren, who had to lay on the other side of Camila for nap time, let out a giggle. She carefully put the empty gum wrapper in her back pocket.

Some other kids sat up, looking to see what the commotion was. Mrs. Anderson, their teacher, turned on the lights and walked over to where the small, dark-haired girl sat.

"Camila, how did this happen?" Mrs. Anderson asked her, examining her hair.

Camila sniffled, then looked over at Lauren with an irritated frown. Her brown eyes filled with tears. "She did it!" She pointed a finger at the other young girl.

"No way!" Lauren faked shock, acting as if she knew nothing. It was hard to play innocent when she could barely stifle her laughter.

"Lauren, I can see the gum wrapper sweetie." Mrs. Anderson told her. "We're taking both of you to the office. Camila, they'll clean up your hair. Lauren, you're in big trouble."

"But it wasn't meeee!" Lauren pouted. At first, she refused to move, so the teacher took her hand and led her down the hall.

"I didn't do it! I didn't!" Lauren exclaimed again when they arrived in the office.

"Yes you did, meanie pants!" Camila cried, still sniffling. She wiped a tear off of her cheek.

Camila's mother arrived to take Camila home and try to fix the mess that was her hair. As Camila walked out of the office, she stuck her tongue out at Lauren. The other girl responded the same way, feeling nothing but dislike for Camila. Why did she have to get Lauren in trouble for a simple joke?

From that moment on, the two girls despised each other. They were sworn enemies, and they never thought they'd be anything other than that.


Hey, so this is the first chapter. Sorry that it's sort of short, I just needed to give you the background story of how it all started.

I hope this isn't too bad, sorry if it sucks. Anyway, I'll update again soon because I have lots of plans for this story. :-)


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