Chapter Three - Fun day

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The next morning I woke up to see Selena's beautiful face. She was still sound asleep. She looked so cute when she was sleeping. She then woke up.

"Morning beautiful" I said.

"Morning" She said yawning.

"How did you sleep?" I asked.

"Great" She replied.

"That's good" I said as I rolled on top of her.

"What are you doing?" She asked.

"This" I replied as I kissed her on the lips.

I felt her smile against the kiss.

"Amazing" She said after I ended the kiss.

"Lets go have some breakfast" I said rolling back over to my side of the bed.

"Okay" Selena said getting out of the bed.

We walked downstairs to the kitchen. Mum was in there making her breakfast. 

"Morning Mum" I said going over and hugging her.

"Morning Pattie" Selena said smiling.

"Morning you two" She said hugging me back.

"How did you sleep Selena?" She asked.

"Great thanks" She replied.

"That's good" She said smiling at Selena.

"What do you want for breakfast?" I asked looking at Selena.

"There's no need to make breakfast I made enough for of us" My Mum said smiling.

"Mum you didn't have to, thank you" I said hugging her.

"Your'e welcome" She said as she served up breakfast.

"Oh yum scrambled eggs" I said looking at the food on the plates.

"Here you go" My Mum said.

We took our scrambled eggs into the dining room and sat down and ate together. When we had finished I helped my Mum clean up.

"So what do you wanna do today?" I asked walking over towards Selena.

"Well it is pretty hot so the beach would be nice" She replied.

"Ha you just wanna see me with my top off again" I said winking at her.

"Maybe" She said with a grin on her face.

"The beach sounds good" I said.

"Okay I already texted my Mum she will be here soon, I will be back over in an hour" She said.

"Alright we better go upstairs and get dressed" I said.

"Okay" Selena said.

We both headed upstairs, Selena went and got dressed in the bathroom and I got dressed in my room. She came out wearing a pretty white shirt and some blue shorts.

"You look beautiful" I said.

"Aww thanks" She said smiling.

"Any time" I said smiling back at her.

I walked into the bathroom to brush my teeth and fix my hair. Selena followed me in there to brush her hair, her teeth and put her make-up on.

"My mum should be here in five minutes" She said as she put her mascara on.

"Alright" I said.

Selena gathered up her stuff.

"Got everthing?" I asked.