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                 A 13 year old Shiva was fuming seeing his 10year old wife. Shiva hated seeing Meenakshi as it reminded him of being married and also was embarrassed to get married so early and worried that his friends would tease him.

                 As for Meenakshi, she was afraid seeing her angry husband.It was less than a month that she lost her father and it was more than 5 years that she lost her mother. Her father's sudden death changed her life drastically as she had nowhere to go. So her relatives along with her uncle fixed her alliance with Shiva as they were not demanding any dowry.

                  Shiva's father, Rajaiah decided to get Shiva married because he wanted someone to take care of his wife and also for the household responsibilities as his wife was having health issues and also she was born with a weak heart.

                  Standing infront of an angry looking, tall boy made Meenakshi terrified. This was the beginning of their relationship.

                  As a 10 year old , Meenakshi didn't understand Shiva's displeasure but as they grew older she started understanding. Her mother in-law and grandmother in law were also not fond of her as they didn't want Shiva to get married to an orphan. So in order to please everyone in the family and to gain their acceptance as their family member,she always did what she was told to do and never once complained about anything.

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