The Rich Goth Girl Who Gets The HOT Bad Boy(2)

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goth girl(2)

See Vallery is the type of slut that I feel sorry for every guy who even chooses to kiss her, because she probably has so many STDs from so many guys, that she probably won't ever be able to have kids at all. I mean she is nice and all, but she doesn't care about the boys she sleeps with, not even a little bit.

I walk to the door of the school, just as I walk in the bell rings. I rush to my locker (right next to Jared's, terrible when I'm pissed off). "Oh, fuck." I mutter because I can't remember my combo, and of course Jared heard and asked, "What's the matter? Forgot your combo again? It's 24-6-18, remember now?"

The only reason he knew my combo was because one day I had told him in case I forgot, again. It happens all the time so it's no big deal for him to know, he's always around when I forget. I have a bad memory and I forget everything, hell I even forgot to feed my pet snake, Ashlar, one day and when I got home he was so mad he nearly bit me when I tried to feed him extra.

Then, I was snapped out of my daze by Him saying my name in a worried tone. "October? October, are you all right? Are you even awake? TALK TO ME!!!!"

I jumped at him yelling at me. I recoiled as he yelled at me again. Then I turned to him and asked, "What do you want? Why are you yelling at me?"

"The bell just rang and you haven't even opened your locker and you're just standing there. You okay? You smokin' too much?" he asked me when I looked at him. I nodded and then opened my locker and grabbed my books, I ran to my class with Jared running at my side. We both have the same classes and everything. We are both in art III and we are both in biology. We get to biology in time and we take our seats next to each other in the back. He looks at me and then the teacher announces that we are going to watch yet another movie on human reproduction and the dangers of unprotected sex.

Everyone in the class groans and I hear some of the girls say to some boys that they would rather see hands on what reproduction is like. And then I think, whores, you daughters of bitches, all because some of the girls were saying that crap to Jared. He's mine and I'll kill you before you even get the chance to touch his skin, I stare with hate at their faces and try to think of how many guys they have slept with and for how much money.

Then the lights go out and the movie starts and I hear some people making out in the book closet. I turn to make sure that it wasn't Jared and thankfully I see him looking at me. Wait looking AT me and not straight through me. I turn back to the screen just in time to see a thermal scan of a penis rising up and then I think about how many guys are doing that right this instant. EWWWW, how disgusting!!!! I turn back to stare at Jared and see him staring at me instead. I start to blush like a cherry, bright red. Then he puts his hand around my waist and drags me, chair and all, over to his side, for a druggie he IS strong. He puts his hand around my finely curved body and whispers in my ear, "So do you think I could come over this evening to help on our biology project? Because my parents don't care as long as I don't fail my classes, and I'm doing fine as it is but we could still get Fs if we don't get this done on time. So, what do you say? Besides I need a ride, and you have your awesome car, 'cause mine is in the shop. So will you please give me a ride to your house so we don't get Fs?"

"Oh, alright, if it's okay with your parents and your friends who are gonna be at the park later to smoke, then alright. Do you need any help with anything else while you're begging for help?" I asked him shyly.

"Well now that you ask I do need help in trig and U.S. Gov.. Would ya help me so I don't fail?" he begged me and of course I couldn't resist at all. He was being so cute and sweet. "Of course, I'll help you. I'll come around the front with the car so you can jump in."

Another factor to me giving in so easily was the fact that he was rubbing my back and slowly moving his way down to my ass and then back up to the edge of my bra. Then his hand moves up to the hooks of my bra and he starts trying to unhook then. I pull away immediately and re-hook the hooks. I quietly scute away from his grabbing range. The rest of class passed by in a blur as I pictured him actually touching me and caressing my skin.

The bell rang and I took off toward Trig and found out that we were having a pop quiz. Oh boy, I'm dead. I knew this was coming but I still didn't study at all. Damn it, damn it, damn it. You moron, you forgot to study and you can't use your notes or your book. Damn it, damn it, damn it. I sit there answering all the questions I know and guessing on all the ones I don't know. Thank God it was multiple choice.

The teacher then tells us about an upcoming field trip and everyone starts cheering, then the teacher says it's to some Goth history museum. All the druggies and the Goths around us start cheering and so do we. Then the teacher tells us that the rest of the day is a free day and that we can listen to our Ipods and text on our phones and whatever the hell else we want.

I wait for the bell to ring and when it finally does I rush out of the room until I reach our table and sit down. When Vallery gets there I ask her to save my seat so I could go get my lunch. I arrive at my locker I see Jared waiting for me and I ask him, "Why are you following me around everywhere and then you show up at my locker like we are going out. Are you nutz? How much have you been smokin' lately? Let me give it to you straight, STOP FOLLOWING ME OR I SWEAR TO GOD I'LL PUNCH YOU IN THE FACE!!!!"

He jumps away from my locker but stayed next to me. I opened my locker and grabbed my lunch, slammed my locker shut, and walked away. He followed me until we reached the janitor's closet and he dragged me into it. I was about to start yelling when he put his hand to my mouth and said, "Please listen to me, I really want to talk to you about perhaps becoming, I don't know, boyfriend-girlfriend type friends or even not friends at all. Just boyfriend-girlfriend sort of. Or maybe even buddies?"

I recoil as if he had just hit me in the gut and then smacked me in the face. Sex buddies? SEX BUDDIES? How could he do this to me? I look at him with tears in my eyes and yell, "Sex buddies? SEX BUDDIES? How could you be so stupid to ask me to be your SEX BUDDY when I'm a VIRGIN? A FUCKIN' VIRGIN!!!! YOU JACKASS!!!! YOU BASTARD!!!! YOU CRACKHEADED SON OF A BITCH!!!! I TRUSTED YOU, I LISTENED TO YOU, I HELPED YOU CHEAT ON EVERY WORKSHEAT YOU HAVE EVER HAD TO DO IN YOUR LIFE. I HATE YOU!!!!!!!! GET AWAY FROM ME YOU PERVERTED CREAP!!!! YOU DRUGADDICT!!!!"And with that I ran away to the lunchroom to a table with nobody there. I sat down and started to cry. I had actually trusted him and he had hurt me.

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