Chapter 1

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WARNING: There is A LOT of swearing in this story. You have been warned...

And, because I'm so nice, everyone is alive again. Its MY story I can do what I want. 

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A scream so loud that it shatters an old lady's eardrum five miles away, erupts from Hermione Granger's mouth. Hands clenched at her sides and breathing heavily, she is the epitome of sheer fury.

An extremely good-looking young man of around 18 years of age with platinum blonde hair and stormy grey eyes, marches into the expansive, luxuriously decorated, all white bathroom, wearing a pair of designer jeans and a white t-shirt.

"What is it now Granger? You always seem to want something," Draco Malfoy drawls, an eyebrow raised in annoyance. Hermione swirls around to face him, wavy brown hair swaying around her slender shoulders. Her lightly tanned skin now glows an angry red. In one hand she now holds as wet, white towel.

"I just picked this off the floor, Malfoy. And do you want to know why I had to do that?" she asks in a deceptively calm voice, shaking slightly with barely suppressed anger.

"Not exactly, no," is the insolent reply the young man gives as he inspects himself in the mirror over the sink. To say that he doesn't give a damn would be an understatement. His comment, however, is instantly ignored by the Head Girl, whose fury is now threatening to overwhelm her.

" Because you left it there! Left it there like there is some fucking maid who will pick up after your miserable arse!" Hermione yells, throwing the towel at Draco who, whilst still facing the mirror, raises a lazy hand to catch it effortlessly.

"Please, Granger. Do not flatter yourself. You could never be my maid- they're usually better looking. Heck, I have dogs that are more attractive than you are," he replies, disdain dripping from every syllable. Hermione's chocolate brown eyes as her anger erupts from her.

"Why don't you just go and jump off a cliff, Malfoy. Lord knows everyone would be a hell of a lot happier without you."

"Oh, please mudblood. You know you want me."

" Never in this lifetime, nor the next. You stupid, idiotic, pathetic excuse for a human being."

"You know what, Granger? Sometimes I wish you could stand in my shoes. Then you'd see what a drag it is to see your ugly face every morning."

"I hope you die a very miserable death, you stupid git."

"I'm sure you'll be the cause of it."

"Go to Hell."

"Just as long as you go there first."


With this final scream of annoyance, the Head Girl swirls around and stalk off, making sure to slam her bedroom door. She leaves behind an extremely satisfied, smirking Draco Malfoy.



"I just hate him so bloody much!" I glare in Malfoy's direction over at the Slytherin's table, while violently chopping my sausages into tiny pieces wishing they were his nether regions instead. As I pause in my efforts to raise a now miniscule bit of sausage to my lips, he looks up at me, says something to Pansy, and returns my stony glare. Resist the urge to kill him Hermione. At least whilst there are witnesses around.

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