Birth of the High Demon! Bow to Belial!

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        The turbulent waters of the vast sea of Beyblade had never ceased to sway. A New Blader, hidden in the corner of Japan rises with an ambitious outbreak. He repeatedly challenges bladers as he grows in power. With his twisted, different way of thinking, he has created a bey with its likes never seen before. He progresses rapidly, and his presence is a threat to the Beyblade Legends. He calls himself the "Demon King". He says that this is a new age, and this is his birth.


Lui was training in his special training room, getting ready for the cemetery match in a few days, called the "Gate of Makai". A widespread rumor about the so-called Demon King had threatened the Legends regime over the Beyblade world. Lui was set out to once again rise to the top. He would crush Bell's pride and would savor it. He would then defeat Free. 

He grips his bey, Luinor, and says, "I think it's time for an upgrade"

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