The xx Chapter, if you don't listen to the xx I strongly reccommend it :) Anyways here's a recap: Cass tries to commit suicide because of the withdrawls and the pain she's feeling from Calum's betrayl. It turns out she's been doing all this crazy shit to herself because of the drugs and when she swallowed all those pills she fell and hit a bunch of shit so now she's in a coma. Okay! PLEASE LEMME KNOW WHAT YOU THINK :-)

"Calum? You need to eat"

                       "Cal, it's not your fault"

     "She's gonna get better, okay?"

                                                  "You can't think like that, Cal ... just visit her"

          "Maybe she didn't want to die, you heard her cry at the end. Maybe this is another chance"

                                                                       "For fuck's sake, visit her. You could be that prince."

Michael pauses for a second before continying to ramble on, "the one in sleeping beauty or snow white"

"He's right mate, you need to get off your fat ass and see her" Luke says

"No, I fucking won't. She's messed up now and It's all my fault. How was I to know that she'd fall and hit her head.... even if she does stabilize who knows what kind of brain injury she'll have. She doesn't even want to be awake, I don't know why she's even on life support" I huff

"You're sounding like an idiot again Cal, and if you must know Michael's parents came back and found out what has been happening. They have to decide because for now she has no parents" Ashton fires back.

"I DON'T CARE! Okay? I'm just erasing that chapter from my life, now let me go back to sleep."

"C'mon we know you have depression, but you were getting better. Have you been taking your meds?" Lukes asks sternly

"No, okay? maybe Cass is right" I tell them as they crowd my bed

"We are not having a repeat of 2012, take your medicine" Ash says handing me the antidepressants and water.

"Happy?" I say after swallowing the water and medicine "Now why are you bothering me"

"Well we thought you'd care enough to see her wake up. They're taking her off tomorrow and if you want to be there, you can be that one person she sees... if you change your mind it's at 7 sharp."

"Oh" I say surprised "Soo has she healed then?"

"No shit sherlock" Luke says before michael punches his arm and says "Yeah, the doctors said her memory might be a bit shaky but she's gonna be fine. You'd know this if you had seen her these past 3 months."

I shrug, but mentally write this down "Hey, thanks for telling me"

"Yeah yeah, just be there because it'd be pretty bad to let her down again. Imagine waking up alone" Luke says quietly "just show up okay? because if you don't i'll beat you up"

"Oh my fucking god" I crack up "like to see you try" Luke stares at me

"Fine. I'll be there happy?" They all nod and say goodbye, luke texts me three minutes later saying

You better go, or you'll end up at a hospital as all

JK... sorta

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