Dream or reality?

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(ok, Kakashi was 14 at the time btw, in the real story there not 14 but you know, why not, I feel like I say that a lot...anyway, so Kakashi is now 20 going into 21 and there will be Kakashi's birthday in this since someone requested a birthday theme. Anyway, Kakashi is a sensei now, the Minato is still alive and is Hokage, Obito never released the 9 tailed fox so naruto isn't a jinjurike and is respected, Rin is still alive and Obito is alive and in the Akatsuki not because of Rin's death but because he saw how cruel the world was I guess and is trying to change it with the Akatsuki. And Itachi didn't kill the clan because the leaf didn't order it, so Sasuke and Itachi's family is still together along with other Uchihas.)

Kakashi's pov

This kitty is so cute! but I'm ganna be really late if I don't get going now...I know! ill take the cat with me and show him to the kids! -10 min later- "Kakashi sensei you're late again!" I had no shame, after all, I got a new kitty! "sorry, but it was well worth it, don't you think?" I said holding out the kitty, Sasuke and Sakura came up and pet the cat while Naruto just stood there waiting to hear whats for training, I didn't want to do anything today though. "Ok, for training you going to be fighting each other, no weapons, no chakra, just you and your partner" and with that Naruto and Sasuke were first, I sat down under a tree and played with the cat a bit, he was really cute and soft, he had black fur and white spots on his paws and nose, I named him Kai, I saw some kids throwing rocks at him so I picked him up and decided to keep him. He reminded me of Obito a bit, funny, playful, always so full of energy, well, he was...I kept my promise to him, I smile every time I think of him, Minato, me, and Rin still go out and keep in touch, I put my ring on a necklace and I put it around my neck and hide it under my vest so it doesn't get dirty or broken, some of Obito's belongings are at my house, his goggles, his headband, and his frame with a picture in it that me and him took during Christmas when he asked me to be his boyfriend...I really miss him...

I was spacing out and playing with Kai "Kakashi sensei!" I jump out of his thoughts and saw that naruto was yelling my name "yes Naruto?" I asked "we all had a match with each other, so now what do we do?" I smiled knowing Naruto was annoyed "who won?" I teasingly asked "t-that's not important," Naruto said looking away, I was informed by Sasuke that naruto lost both matches, he chickened out on fighting Sakura, I chuckled a bit "tell you what since there's really nothing to teach you today how about you all go hang out and have a free day?" I saw Naruto's eyes light up "RAMEN! COME ON SASUKE!" Naruto said grabbing Sasuke's hand and running for the ramen shop, Sakura was going to help her mom with work. I sighed and got out my book while Kai was chasing some bugs. All of a sudden, I felt a strong presence and I got a kunai out, I heard yelling in the forest and I ran towards it, I knew Kai would be fine since he doesn't really run away and I put a collar on him already. I ran from tree to tree and the yelling got louder, I finally stopped at a branch and looked down 'Akatsuki' I thought, their clothes had red clouds on then, there were 2 "but senpai! there dango up there! we have to go!" one with an orange mask yelled, I had a weird feeling towards him "dammit Tobi! you act like we can just walk into the village asking for food, someone is going to cause trouble there! were not here to fight dammit!" the blonde one yelled, he had one eye covers my his long hair, kinda reminds me of Itachi, but a lot more hair. I continued to listen to their conversation, then I saw a stray dog run up to the one named Tobi and knock him over, I was about to run up and grab the one with the orange mask and use him as a hostage for information, but something was holding me back, I waited to see what would happen. "Goddammit, now they have our sent!" I waited to where this was going, I saw 'Tobi' pet the dog...that was the least I expected to happen "Tobi we have to kill it" the blonde said, I was in shock, I didn't want to dog to die but at the same time, if I saved the dog my cover would be blown "B-but why he's harmless!" Tobi said, everything I was hearing was unbelievable, the blondie took out a kunai and was about to kill the dog, I reacted, I jumped out of the tree, grabbed the dog, and went into another tree. I looked down at them, they were both shocked to see someone listening to their conversations, the blonde one was just pissed and surprised, but I was getting a different vibe from that Tobi guy. After a minute of seeing their reaction, I took off to go back to the village, I didn't feel them follow me so I wasn't too worried about being caught. I got back to the place I was before I left, Kai was asleep on my book, I put the dog down 'looks like I'm bringing home 2 animals' I thought with a smile. The dog was short hair with brown fur and brown eyes, he was pretty tall, I saw that he was very energetic and happy, he was also very gentle with Kai, I named the dog Haku after realizing he was also a boy. It was around lunchtime so I went home with the animals and got theme food. After a while, it was time for bed, I got both pets a bed, but Kai wanted to sleep with Haku, I didn't mind it. It's been an hour of me trying to go to sleep, I can't get those two weirdos out of my head, especially the Tobi one, he was giving me a weird feeling. I went to the kitchen to go get something to drink, after a little bit, I heard Haku do a small bark but then he stopped, I heard movement from my room, I didn't feel any presents but Haku wouldn't have any reason to bark and I kept hearing movement, I grabbed a knife from the kitchen since my weapons were in my room slowly walk into my room and look through my door. 'It's him! that Tobi from earlier today!' he was playing with Haku, he didn't seem to be harmful, but what the hell was he doing in my home, I looked over him and I saw my window cracked open, no one else was with him that I could see. He didn't seem to notice me yet, he picked up Kai and started to pet him, it was nice to see someone that is so bad, have such a good side. "hello kitty cat! aren't you handsome, wheres your owner, is he here?" so, he was looking for me? how does he even know where I live, he put down Kai and he looked around a bit. But his eyes landed on my ring that's attached to my necklace on my nightstand, I knew if he tried to pick it up I would hurt him somehow, he reached for it, I ran and cut his wrist. He backed away, my nightstand had Obito's belongings on it, so I stayed there waiting for this guy to try and touch anything. "Who the hell are you? and what are you doing here!?" I said getting aggressive "I'm here to see you" he said being completely calm as if I didn't just attack him "why? because I saw you in the forest?" he looked down at the deep cut on his wrist "you really didn't want me to touch anything there, did you?" he asked watching the blood run down his arm "why would I want you to touch anything? I don't know what you here for" I said "that boy in the picture "is he important to you? I mean, you didn't try to attack me as soon as you saw I was in your house, you only attacked me when you saw I was coming near those things" I don't know what to do about this guy, why didn't I attack him before, what the hell is he doing here? what are his intentions? "yes, he is. What's it to you? why the hell are you here?" he looked back at me and didn't say anything, ignoring me. I got pissed off, I jumped on top of him right after getting a kunai from my pouch next to my bed. We both fell to the floor, I grabbed his left wrist and placed my kunai under his chin "I'll ask again, who are you? and what are you doing here?!" I demanded a response, he just stood there "take off my mask" he said, but that wasn't the answer I wanted "give me my answer, I could care less what your face looks like!" my grip on his wrist got tighter, we looked at each other in silence "do it Bakashi" ...that name...I was silent, not wanting to hear that name again, how does he know that name? did he know Obito? is that why he was asking about him? "don't call me that...how do you know that name?" I asked in a shaky voice "I'm the one who came up with it Kashi, don't you remember?" it can't be him! he's dead! "shut up! You're not him!" he lifted his right hand that was bleeding and brung it to his left hand, I didn't stop him, he took off his glove. He had it, he had the ring...the ring I gave to Obito under the mistletoe... "take off my mask Kakashi" I took my eyes off the ring and looked back at him 'it can't be him!' I placed my kunai right under his mask and lifted up in the air, I heard the mask bang against the floor, and what I saw, I would never forget. It really was him, his name isn't Tobi, it's Obito...I couldn't stop shaking, this can't be true, I sat there in misery at his funeral, at his grave, I never stopped thinking about him, all of that just to see him right in front of me? it can't be true...Obito sat up with me on top of him, I felt tears run down my face. He placed his hand on my hair, he started to play with it, that's when I knew, Obito Uchiha was alive, right in front of me, he never died. I felt myself relax, that magical touch he always had is still here. But, what if it's all a dream, in the morning, ill wake up to reality, I know it...

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