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"You want to know what I think?" Mark asked his wife as they put Iris to sleep. It was the same night Natalie found out that they wanted her to be Chief of Surgery. It was also the night that she was trying to decide what was the best answer.

"Sure." Natalie said and closed the door behind her, just so the baby could sleep in peace.

"I think it's going to be a little overwhelming for you since you just gave birth." Mark said as they moved to their bedroom. A part of him was jealous because he always dreamt of that job. But the part of him that was proud was winning, until he remembered how much stressed Natalie already was about everything. "Iris is gonna need her mother."

"Iris also has a father." Natalie said annoyed and crossed her arms on her chest.

"Okay, that's not what I meant." Mark sighed, realising how wrong what he said was.

"What did you mean?" Natalie asked angrily. "I can't have a career because I have a baby. That's what I heard, because if the tables were turned, we wouldn't be having this conversation. Do you expect me to quit my job and stay home?"

"Natalie, that's not what I said." Mark said louder, but his voice still calm. 

"That's exactly what you said."

"Well, if you just let me talk..."

"Fine, talk." She gave him a death stare, getting annoyed with him more and more every second.

"Nat" Mark walked closer to her and put his hands on each of her shoulders, "you have a history of stressing yourself out so much that you end up in a hospital bed. And I don't want to see that happening again."

"You think that I can't handle being chief and a mother? Do I need to remind you that I managed to finish med school while Amber was a baby?" Natalie knew that there was truth in his words, but she couldn't just accept that she couldn't handle something.

"Okay, whatever I say I am going to be the bad guy apparently." Mark put his hands up in surrender. "Look, if you want to accept the offer that's fine, you'll get all the help in the world from me. And for whatever is worth, I think you're going to be amazing at it."

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After her conversation with Mark was over, Natalie knew that she needed to have a discussion with her daughter which could speak. Because talking to Iris wouldn't get her anywhere. "Amber honey, can we talk?" Natalie knocked on the door and waited for a reply. "Amber?" Natalie opened the door slowly, only to find out that the room was empty. "Amber?" Natalie yelled hoping that her daughter was downstairs.

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