Step 4: How do I get my Story Noticed?

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Step 4: How Do I Get my Story Noticed?


So you’ve written your story, it’s posted up, and you think it’s perfect. Only one problem: how do you get people to notice it?

Wattpad is full of willing readers, but the chances of them stumbling across your story is slim. Here are some ways to get people to notice your story:


1.      Comment on a ‘Post Your Story Here’ Section. If you reach the search box in the top right corner, type in ‘Post Your Story Here’. Lot’s of Wattpad users have created stories where in the comment section, you can give your story a shout out. It’s a great way to be noticed.

2.      Join a Club. Clubs for newcomers and story posters are another great way to get your story noticed. Comment with the name of your story, a short description, and what genre it falls in.

3.      Make Friends! Never reading in silence (always commenting and voting on stories) is a great way to make Wattpad friends and fans. If you have friends, kindly ask them if they could check out your story. Most will, and it’s just a matter of time before it gets spread! This is my personal favourite way to get stories noticed. Comment on other people’s stories, they’ll check out your profile, and stumble across your story!


If you’ve tried any of these ways, and your story still hasn’t been noticed, just sit and wait. There are so many stories on Wattpad that it might take a while for people to notice yours. But eventually, people will get the message!


You can also try shout-outs on Facebook, Twitter, Formspring, and more. If your real friends or followers see your shout out, they might just check out your story!




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