Step 3: The Details

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Step 3: The Details


Now that you’re through with the basic parts, it’s time to tie your story together. You have to put in the plot points, when your characters will meet, and what the result of the story will be. Believe it or not, this is the hardest part to the story. But if you do it well, the climax and plot of your story will be great, which will draw readers in.


Once the details are completed, begin writing!


From experience I can already tell you, starting a story is the hardest part to writing it. To start a story nicely, try:

1.      Starting in the Middle of a Conflict. If you start during a problem, or a dramatic scene, it will immediately draw readers in.

2.      Start by Introducing the Main Character. A simple, “My name is _____, and I am _____ years old. This is where my story starts…” would even suffice. Something simple. Or even a flashback from the main character, if that’s what the story should involve.


Once your story has begun, writing soon after will be simple.

Remember: Don’t rush your story! It’s better to have a story that gets uploaded once a week, and is amazingly well written, then uploaded every day but has mistakes in it. I also recommend finishing your story completely before you begin posting it on Wattpad. It makes things easier for you and your fans.


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