Step 1: The Storyline

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Step 1: The Storyline

To start off a story, the first thing you need is an interesting plot. The plot is what your story is about. It’s what is happening in the story, and what genre it becomes. But getting a unique idea for a plot can be difficult to come up with. Try doing this:

1.                          Think of a personal experience. Was there a bad relationship in your life? A lost loved one? Both of these things could be interesting story ideas. All you need to do it pick one, and add off of it from there.

2.                          Think of a song. Believe it or not, songs are based on real life experiences as well (duh!). Sometimes a really meaningful song can be a good plot to a story. Try Taylor Swift for example: all her songs are based on bad relationships. One of them could inspire you to write a story about the characters in her song.

3.                          Think of a dream you once had. Dreams could be a great way to start a story, just like Stephenie Meyer (Author of Twilight) did. Dreams can sometimes seem ridiculous, but with a little imagination, they could be a perfect story starter.

The story line is the most important part of your book. A good story line is what gets readers interested. Take my advice for one thing: unless you’re being creative, I wouldn’t write about werewolves or vampires. There are much too many books on those. UNLESS yours is different, or you enjoy writing about that topic, I would steer clear of it for good. But honestly, it’s your choice.


Once you have your storyline, you can continue to the next step.

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