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Finally school ended,finally I don't need to talk to anyone,I hate socializing with people. Especially that kid named Venti.

I went to the principle office and got my dorm key from them.

"Your room is upstairs from the 2nd floor and room 9" Ms.nigguang the principle said handing me the keys and smiled. It makes me sick to see people smile.

"Thanks."I bowed down and left her office and went to the dorms.

"2nd floor and room 9- oh here it is."I got the keys out to unlock he door but when I stopped in I saw a black figure sitting on the couch.

'Are they my roommate'i thought to myself before walking up to them.

When I got closer my eyes went wide open.

It's him.. Venti. The annoying kid. This day just got worse.

"-sigh- it's you."I touched the middle of my upper nose. Feeling more frustrated already.

Venti turned his head around and his eyes sparkled and shimmered. "YAY! WERE ROOMMATES!" before Venti could try to hug me I pushed him away and went to a small kitchen we have. I decided to do some computer stuffs here so I dropped my bag next to the kitchen counter.

I almost forgot that I got some almond tofu that I will eat later so I went back to my bag and placed it inside the fridge.

"Hey venti don't eat this food that's on the fridge"

"Huh? Okay!"He gave me a thumbs up in the air.

I already knew he might eat it but I shrugged it off my thoughts And got myself some water before I could start doing some writing stuffs. I dropped down my books,my laptop then my extra papers and started writing first. Hoping Venti won't disturb me.

40 minutes past and I heard footsteps approach behind me.

"What now?"I turned my head around and face him.

"Haha~! Nothing"When he suddenly stretched his arms out wide open he then knocked down my water I was drinking and it splashed all over my writing and almost my laptop.

"VENTI YOU IDIOT! YOU SPILLED MY WORKS! GOD NOW I NEED TO DO THIS AGAIN!"I yelled at him and grabbed my wet paper and books and stuff.

"I-Im sorry!"He quickly grabbed some towels and wiped the table.

'This guy is such a pain in the ass'

"Your such a dumb ass!."I screamed before I stormed off and went to my room and slammed the door shut.

Few hours later pass I finally finished some paper works and typing stuffs. I started to feel like as if my stomach is eating itself. I was hungry so I finally went out of my room and went back to the kitchen. I look at the fridge hopefully my food was there, but guess what.

It's gone.

My eyes started to feel like it was burning in flames. I knew it was him who's gonna eat it. Selfish brat.

I turned my head around too see Venti sitting on the couch and laying down. Feeling relax. I approached up to him and tapped his shoulders.

"Huh? Oh hey Xiao!"He smiled at me. "Don't give me some shitty smile you have. Did you ate my food.."I said in a cold voice. I stared at him with that shameless face he has. "I uhm- I guess I got a little..hungry heh."he chuckled.

"first you spilled water on my work, 'THEN!' You ate my fucking food!? What else are you gonna do now?! God your so annoying already!"I want to have a breakdown right now but im not that dramatic .

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