"So i was practicing using my gift since it's been a while... and well i saw the Americans (no racisim here just the only logical ppl i could think about since i suck at history) again..attacking and and.. they were putting some type of divice on all of the madrigals and the garcias, i don't know what it si.. but its looked painful. Why- why is it that every time im here something bad happens? Am i actually bad luck?" He finished placing the prophecy on the table, 'this man is adorable and so emotinally drained' you hugged him "no, of course not. It's just a coincedence i promise" he hughed you back now full on crying (am i in tears for doing this rn? FUCK YEA) "shhh it's going to be ok i promise" you asured looking at Camilo sadly, he smiled at you and grabbed the prophecy 'i'll take this to Abuela' he mouthed to you leaving.

After five minutes Abuela stormed down the stairs mumbling with Camilo on her heel "EVERYONE! WE NEED TO TALK" she shouted sitting down (i accidently wrote shitting and im wheezing) next to you and a now more calm Bruno, one by one both familys gathered in the sala and Abuela explained about what happened to you this morning and about Bruno's new vision before making it clear that it is NOT his fault. "So be prepared for anything" then she got up and left to her rooom.

One month timeskip
Foreing men have been seen around the village alot, especially that ONE man you talked to.. you have just talked to one and lets say he made you feel a little uncomfortable, you were walking back to the house tears threatening to spill out of your eyes when you bumbed into Mateo "whats wrong sis/bro?" Be asked going in for a hug making you flinch sligtly (no he didn't r. You but after harasment you are still jumpy atleast i was a bit) "i- i" you tried to talk scared to cry "it's oo lets get you home" he said geantly holding your hand and walking home with you.

You walked in you still in the verge  of tears "¡AMOR! ¿QUÉ SUCEDIÓ? ¿POR QUÉ ESTÁS LLORANDO?"(love what happened! Why are you crying?) Camilo said as soon as he saw you rushing to your side and trying to hug you making you flinch again.

Camilo POV
I looked up at her brother with a 'pls tell me it's not what i think it is' look, he shrugged 'i actually don't know' he mouthed 'you can go i'll tell you when i know' he nodded and left,

My pov (3rd person) cuse this is too much and i gotta make jokes

Camilo geantly held you as you walked up to his room,  he closed the door behind him (*dramatic gasp* THE THOR) and you got in bed "can i?" He asked lifting his arms, you nodded slowly crawling in his arms and resting your head on his chest, after five minutes, "cariño?" He asled his voice low "hm?" "What... what happend?" You hugged him tighter "well.. let's just say this man made me feel kinda.. umcomfortable" now it was his turn to hug you tighter "who?" He asked withc a serious tone "pls.. Camilo mi amor just... leave it be" "i can't do that" you looked up, your eyes red (I SEE REDDDDS REDDDD) "for me?" You asked, he sigh and leaned over placing kissing all over your face before placing a very gentle and lovinf kiss on your lips "fine but if he ever and i mean e.ver. tries anything els i will" you nodded with a slight smile "i'll work eith that" and gave him another kiss

Meanwhile with Dolores
(Her pov)

I had been listening to y/n's and camilo's conversation for a while. They were so cuteeee, i also heard that guy..trying to yk.. y/n i really wanted to punch the hell out of him but i knew mamá wouldn't let him... and who is almost as protective as camilo to y/n- nope not any family member they wanted toleave and let ber stay here... BRUNO OF COURSE!

I ran as fast as i could up his tower and into his bedroom "TÌO BRUNO" i screamed hurting my ears "are you ok Dolores? What happened" i sat down and explained everything, this is the first time i saw him mad.. and i mean MAD "who was it?" He asked "i-i don't know" he nodded "i'll find him" he said and got up


You were still in bed when you heard someone stop outside, you got up and went to check only to see bruno so mad the only thing he was missing was smoke from his ears.. the second he saw you his expression sofftened "y/n how are you? Do you want to watch some rat novelas orr make sum food?" He asked happily. You knew exactly why but you chuckled and nodded "sure but only if mr. camaleón can join" bruno nodded and camilo hugged you from behind with his face in the crook of your neck "pls don't call me that" you laughed and once bruno statted to walk away he wishpered in your ear "just kidding, mi amor, i like it" he said and took you down to the kitchen. Lets say it was a fun evening

Sorry if the chapter is shit i promise it will get better! Tysm for 1k+ read as promised i'll do a half face reveal later also... i was serching up random pet names is google translate and i aciidently mis-spelled love and.. just- just look at the recommended sentences

 just- just look at the recommended sentences

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