21. The Ball~3

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But before we do,


Third person pov

This was their moment

Alright everyone heads up, Enzo, Felix, Ivan, Mateo and Danilo are gonna go get Allina and get back to the halls unseen, where the rest of you is hidden and you will get outside safely, in the mean time
Leonardo, Angelo, Luca and i will frighten everyone, once they leave our men come out and help us kill Trusova's men, but get him, and his second hand men back alive, we need them, Then we come outside and we cam leave and blow the placed up, got it?"
Giovanni spoke

Copies were heard and with that, their mission started

Enzo, Felix, Mateo, Danilo and Ivan got out from their spots and together walked down the stairs and sneaked up on the 4 guards, once they were close enough,
Mateo, Felix, Danilo and Ivan slit all of the guards throaths, while Enzo turned around the bassinet

He was met with the tiny little baby that they had all kissed so dearly, he container his tears and worriess at her state that could wait for a bit

He gently picked up his little baby sister and held her tightly against his chest, just absorbing the moment before he saw the other 4 brothers were looking at them with so much love and worry at their baby

But they all hot back into action and quietly managed to get out of the chaotic ballroom where a fight had broken out

They speed walked through all of the halls until they were met with all of their younger brothers waiting in concern

All of them headed straight towards their baby sister who was whining so quiet in her brothers arms, you could barely hear it

They all took a moment to look at their sister and knew she was in bad shake, but didn't have time to ponder over their thoughts when the commotion started

Gunshots were heard, as well as screaming and running people

They all prayed in their head to not let any of their brothers get hurt, before they heard running footsteps coming from  in the hall next to them, alarmed Enzo walked to the back exit along with Felix, so they could bring their baby in safety, while the rest of the Brothers got into to fighting stands with guns raised to fire whoever is coming

Soon enough about 7 guards came running their way, but were all killed in a few seconds by the brothers who had shot them

"God that scared me for a second"
Santino spoke

Then Angelo spoke through comms

"Guys, men are escaping through the back doors, take them out,  we will meet you in the Hallway once we got these fuckers"
He spoke

Mateo spoke

They all spread through the large hallway again and raise their guns as they heard another group of footsteps coming and a lot of russian talking

As soon as the men came around the corner they dropped dead as gunshots were heard again

Meanwhile the older brothers were killing ther rest of the men in the ballroom with their men, as they had already capture Trusova and the other 2 by now

Leonardo was fighting with a guard when all of a sudden the man pulled out a knife and sliced his upper leg, causing Leonardo to grown out in pain before snapping the mans neck

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