Chapter 2: M-my brother?

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I felt a tapping on my shoulder. I opened my eyes to see Tadashi standing there.
"C'mon get up its 12:00, just because it's the weekend doesn't mean you can go into a coma now get up knucklehead"
I sat up and rubbed my eyes. When I completely woke up I remembered last night. I rolled my eyes trying to blow it off when Tadashi took his shirt off. My knees felt weak and my face felt hot seeing him like that. He looked at me and said
"You ok Hiro? Your looking a little red is something wrong"
Yeah something is definitely wrong I thought, your my brother and your looking incredibly sexy right now and I don't know why!
"No no everything's fine, so uh you looking for a shirt or something?" Trying to change the subject while trying to get him to put a shirt on.
"No I just thought I'd take it off since it's like really hot up here"
Are you serious? I thought, is he like trying to tease me or something?
I stood there and looked down, I had a boner. GREAT.. what kinda creepy weirdo gets a boner from there brother. Trying to distract him I walked slowly and saw a picture of him on his desk. I ran to it and while Tadashi wasn't looking I grabbed it and stuck it in my jacket then said
"Uhh gotta go to the bathroom. . Bye"
"Okay?" Tadashi chuckled "Weirdo"
I ran into the bathroom and took the picture out. FUCK he was hot.. but why?! This is so creepy! I coudn't do anything about it or he'll hear me so I ran the water in the bathtub, then grabbed his picture. I slipped my hand down in my pants and began touching my self. I started stroking myself, a little faster, hoping that after this the weird thoughts will go away.
Tadashi's P.O.V
Hiro's been acting pretty weird. Maybe it's just a teenage thing but still. He told me he was going to the bathroom I mean he never does that. I started cleaning my room up a bit when I heard the water running.. that's weird I thought he was going to the bathroom. I waited a while but the water was still running so i thought I'd check on him. I knocked on the door.. no answer.
"Hey Hiro you okay in there?" Still no answer. I was getting worried so tried opening the door... unlocked. I opened it up and I froze. Hiro screamed and threw a sock at me then dove in the bathtub as something knocked from his hands. I looked closer.. a picture of me? My face felt red realizing then what my brother had been doing then ran out and shut the door behind me.
Hiro's P.O.V
I sighed out of relief thinking I had just dodged the world's biggest bullet when I realized the picture wasn't with me in the bathtub. I look out of the tub and saw the picture of him lying on the floor. My face turned red with embarrassment, there was no way he didn't see that. I curled up into a ball and put my face down, I felt like crying. He probably thought I was so gross. I was so scared to come out of the bathtub so I just ran some warmer water thinking maybe he would forget.
Tadashi's P.O.V
W - why..? I know he's a teenager but why would he masturbate to a picture of me.. I'm his brother. I got scared thinking more and more: did he .. like me? Was he attracted to me? Did he not understand that it was wrong...? My face became hotter the more I thought of the possibilities of why he was doing that.
Oh god.. what do I do when he gets out of the shower? What do I say? Should I act like I didn't see anything.. yeah I probably should,  for his sake I mean he's probably freaking out enough already I should just lay off him and let him figure out why he was doing that.

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