Grace (July 2013)

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(Based on Gerard Manley Hopkins' "God's Grandeur")

The world is sublimed with God's grace -
It will flow down like the cool caress of rain
It underscores the earth like a riversong refrain
Unceasing. Why do we then now not know his place?
A million million apace, apace, apace -
And all is hazed with fear, crazed, mazed with pain,
And pays our price and feeds our pride. Our shame
Enrages us, nor can heart feel, being 'cased.

And for all that, love is never lost.
There's hidden holding places, unknown, unseen
And though the broken blossom falls to the frost
Oh, Blooming bursts out among the green
Because the holy spirit blows across
Infinity, a gift for all time - free.

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