Chapter 9

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Light had slowly begun to pour from the curtained windows in Kairi's hotel bedroom. Her phone read 8AM right as her alarm went off, sending an unpleasant sound throughout the room. Scrunching up her nose and squeezing her eyes against the unwanted sunlight, Kairi fumbled to find her phone on the unfamiliar nightstand. Once she finally got her phone in her hand, she squinted one eye open to turn off her alarm. Today was the first day of the expo, and she had planned on getting there a bit early to shoot some B roll and schedule out which events and panels she was going to go to. However, the warmth of the hotel bed kept her firmly in place for the time being.

Kairi didn't have long to snuggle into the sheets though because not ten minutes later, she heard the clanging of pots and pans in the kitchen. Sighing and rolling her eyes at Namine's ability to be an early bird even on vacation, Kairi pulled the covers off of her bare legs and shuffled towards the living room and kitchen. Her annoyance slowly dissipated as the delicious smell of breakfast hit her nose.

"Mmm... what's that smell?" Kairi watched as Namine turned toward her, batter dotted on her cheek and forehead, with a big grin.

"You're awake! I'm making waffles. The kitchen has this adorable mini waffle maker and I just couldn't help myself."

Kairi giggled at Namine, feeling more awake now that the peppy blonde was in front of her. Namine made it hard to stay grumpy. She took a seat at the island on one of the barstools and watched as Namine finished plating a set of waffles and fresh strawberries. Namine slid the plate across the island towards her.

"Thank you, Nami." Kairi wasted no time in drowning the waffles in syrup, cutting into them, and stuffing a large bite into her mouth. She closed her eyes, savoring the sweetness of the homemade waffles, syrup, and fruit. "Mmmmm, s'good..."

"Hey, no talking with your mouth full." Namine jokingly chastised her. She finally finished cooking the last waffle and scooted into a bar stool beside Kairi to enjoy her hard work. She stuffed a bite of waffle and strawberry into her mouth and made the same sound as Kairi had. "Oh m'goshhh..."

"Right? This is so good. Why don't you cook for me like this all the time?" Kairi gently elbowed Namine and gave her a wink. Namine rolled her eyes and ate another bite of waffle.

"So, when are we heading to the expo today?" Namine queried between bites.

"Oh, I didn't realize you had planned on going with me today." Kairi set her fork down to eat the remaining strawberries with her fingers.

"I wanted to check it out. Besides, aren't you meeting Sora for lunch or something?" Namine cut her eyes to the redhead who was now sporting an obvious blush.

"Um, yeah. We're meeting at 11 and then having a late lunch. I don't know if it's just gonna be us or not." Kairi secretly hoped it would just be the two of them, but she really had no idea if Sora was going to have Riku and his brother tagging along.

"All the more reason for me to come. For moral support. Yeah?" Namine used the last bit of waffle to scoop up the rest of the syrup on her and plopped it into her mouth.

"Is moral support the same as being over protective? Or is this because you're hoping to see Roxas?" Kairi's last question made Namine almost choke on her bite of waffle, causing Kairi to snort and pat her on the back.

Now it was Namine's turn to blush. She managed to swallow and cleared her throat. She looked away from Kairi before she answered. "Why can't it be both?" She said mostly under her breath, but Kairi caught it.

"I knew it!" Kairi ruffled Namine's hair then grabbed their now empty plates and walked to the sink. She turned on the warm water and began washing their dishes as well as the utensils and bowl that Namine had used to make breakfast.

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