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Summer was officially over. Iris was getting bigger. And Amber was getting older. And Natalie was freaking out about both. Because she wanted her first daughter to never be away from her, which was impossible since she was starting senior year that day. 

"First day of senior year," Natalie exclaimed when Amber walked downstairs and into the kitchen where Natalie was feeding Iris. "Are you excited?" She asked.

"No." Amber said monotonously. "Good morning Iris." She then said in a very different voice as she spoke to her sister, who babbled something in reply. 

"I remember the first day you went to school, you were so little." And that morning Natalie was in a whole different type of nostalgia. "Remember how much you hated?"

"Yeah, I still do." Amber rolled her eyes and grabbed her coat from the hallway.

"Now it's the last time of your first day of school." Natalie continued.

"Oh will you stop?" Amber groaned. She was already stressed out about her first day as a senior year, and she couldn't handle anything more. "You have Iris for that."

"Iris is a baby and she's going to stay a baby forever, yes you are." Natalie looked at the youngest daughter and softly pinched her cheek.

"Okay" Amber sighed. "I'm going now. Bye." 

"But I made breakfast." Natalie tried to stop her. "You can even drink coffee, since I can also drink coffee again."

"Love you mom." Amber called out and closed the door behind her.

"Good morning my beautiful girl." The moment Amber left, Mark walked down the stairs and immediately spoke to Iris. Iris opened her mouth widely, like she was trying to speak to him, but nothing that made sense came out. Mark only gave her a kiss on her forehead before he looked at his wife. His wife who was obviously upset about something. "Oh what's wrong?"

"Amber just left." Natalie pressed her lips together.

"Did you guys have a fight?" Mark asked her.

"No, she just left." Natalie scoffed. "Like she doesn't care that in one year from now she's not going to be here. I mean, it's less than a year. Because why would she care that she'll be away from her mother? So she just left..."

"Oh honey" Mark realised. "You need a hug?"


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