Chapter 1: The Beginning

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Hiro's P.O.V
My eyes opened. I felt unaware of my surroundings. Tadashi's bed.. what was I doing in here? I felt Tadashi's arm go around me making me blush.
My face felt hot red.
How did I get here?
*2 Days ago*
The bright light stung my eyes as I flipped threw channels on my TV at 11:00 at night. I heard the door open. Tadashi came out and sat on the couch.
"What are you doing up so late?" Tadashi said
"Just.. can't sleep" I replied followed by a yawn. Tadashi took the remote and switched off the TV then picked me up and put me in my bed. He looked at me with his sparkling eyes. My mind trailed off. I never noticed how cute he was.. and his face was so close to mine.... I wonder if I could jus-- wait what?! What was I thinking?! He's my brother that's super weird and totally wrong. I shook away the thoughts and hugged my brother, but after the hug I couldn't help but blush and look away. Tadashi then had a concerned look on his face.
"You okay?" Tadashi asked
"Yeah just tired that's all" I lied still not making eye contact. I knew I was acting weird I just felt embarrassed for thinking that. I shook my head again and close my eyes hoping that was just a one time thought.

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