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As he walked out of my room, I felt so weird. I vowed to never fall for my mate. But, he was mesmerizing and I couldn't help myself but touch him. His touch was an electric feeling and made me warm. I wondered if he thought that I was giving into him. But, I stood my ground and told him he can't keep taking control of me.

I decided to shake it off and was blown out of my thoughts at the same time, because Bree bursted out of the bathroom with a towel wrapped around her.

"You look lost as hell." she giggled and walked over to the nightstand on her side of the bed.

"Just got a lot on my mind. You wouldn't even guess." I sighed and flopped on the bed. "And weren't you just asleep and hungover as fuck?" I laughed.

"I bet I wouldn't, and yes, yes I was." She laughed.

As Bree took off her towel, I whistled at her jokingly, to state that she was hot naked. She glared at me and started to put some clothes on. I laughed and just walked out of the room, giving her some privacy.

I went downstairs, still not knowing what to do today. I plopped down on the couch, thinking maybe I should have a girls day with Bree.


All girls love to shop, well at least I do. And I think it's what I needed today.

When I was about to go upstairs and tell Bree that we were going to go shopping, a blond girl stopped me in my tracks. I was a little irritated, but I had to help out guests. Maybe she urgently needed something. She looked kinda upset.

"Yes...?" I sort of trailed off in annoyance.

"Don't you ever try to steal Cameron. Ever."

"And who are you?" I asked, getting a little angry. Who was she to tell me what to do with my mate and not?

"My name is Melissa and I am his girlfriend. I am his one and only. And just because you're his mate, doesn't mean he wants you. He only wants me. And if you want to get in the way with that, we're going to have issues." She said in a serious tone.

"I... I didn't know he had a girlfriend." I replied unsure what to say and embarrassed.

I was so angry. For two reasons. One, the supposedly girlfriend of Cameron's, Melissa, who does she think she was? If she knew I was his mate, why the hell would she have any bothering to do? You're just supposed to break up with them, right? But he was kissing all over my neck. And that was reason two. I wanted to rip this girls face off, but I did not know why. Cameron wasn't mine and he obviously had a girlfriend. So should I even be jealous?

I just walked by her angrily and ran up to my room. I was considering telling Bree, but decided that was a bad idea. I just didn't want anyone to know. But obviously, some people were figuring it out...

"Bree, let's go shopping. This day is just getting to be to much. And I just need to shop it off." I sighed, as Bree turned around from her nightstand.

"I was seriously just wanting to. Let's go."


"Which top looks better? I mean, this one is super sexy, but this one is classy and still sexy." I vented to Bree about two bikini tops. Since it was summer, I needed a new swimsuit, but also because Bree and I decided to throw a pool party tomorrow. We knew it was short planning, but we didn't care. Might as well have some fun while there are two packs here.

"Hmm, I say go with the sexy one. I mean, you do have big boobs so it would look good on you."

I think Bree was right. This one was amazing. It was V-neck, and a hot pink Victoria's Secret top. I grabbed black bikini bottoms to go with it and went to the checkout line. After I paid, Bree and I decided to go to the store to get stuff for the party.

In the end, we got chlorine, pool sifters, pop, beer, plastic cups, plastic plates, plastic utensils, burgers, brats, chips, condiments, beachball's, floaters, coolers, and glowsticks.

As we headed home, I thought of how much trouble we were going to be in for throwing a party without permission.

"Bree! How are we going to sneak a pool party?"

"Oh shit, how the hell are we?" She laughed.

"We'll find someway. How about we send them out to do stuff or something?" I said, but what could we send them to do? "I guess we could just tell them that we saw rogues lurking around the woods and all that and that they need to search the borderline along with all the other adults. Some lies are okay every once in a while, right?"

"Oooh, good girl gone bad." Bree punched me in my boob.

I winced and gave her an evil look. We ended up laughing anyways.


When we got home, we decided to leave all the stuff in the car until the parents were out of here.

"MOM! DAD!" I screamed as I stepped in the door with my Victoria's Secret bag around my wrist.

No reply.

I thought maybe they didn't hear me or were in the kitchen or something. So, I walked to the kitchen. When I went to the kitchen I saw a note on the counter. It said :

Hey darling, your father and I had to go and search an unexpected death case of one of the other members pack. We won't be back for probably a week, I'm expecting you to be on your best behavior, okay? Love you,

mom and dad.

Well, that was easy.

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