Chapter 2: Night in the Hospital

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This Chapter is dedicated to: KrystalBay. LOVE her books! I'm also changing the story a bit, shes gonna be 15 goin on 16, and shes a junior in highschool.


I woke up in a hospital room. What happened? I thought to myself. I looked around the room, and saw my mom. When I looked aat her, it all came flooding back to me, she cut me, and I blacked out. I pressed the nurse button scared that she would hurt me again. The nurse, Alicia came in.

"Hey Jesse, how do you feel?" she asked me.

Alicia knows me well, this isn't the first time I've been here. Back, when I first started high school, in my freshman year, I had been here 7 times. Then Alicia got used to seeing me, we have met a couple of times, before out of here, I think of her as an older sister. She looked at me and mouthed the words:

"She did it, didn't she?"

Alicia did this, while she was pulling the blanket over to make me feel comfortable, almost like she was hovering over me. I nodded slowly. In Alicia's eyes, I could see the hurt and pain she felt for me. I shrugged it off, I didn't want her to feel sorry for me, I'm used to it.

"Well, let me give you a report, on how long your staying here." she said, I nodded and let her continue.

"The big cut on your cheek was deep, and needed stitches, also you hit your head pretty hard, and we have to test you out to make sure you don't have a concussion. So, for right now, it looks like you will be spending the night with us" she said with a sly smile.

When she said that, I was thanking God in my head, that I'm not going home tonight. It's a Friday night, so I don't have to go to school in the morning. I rested my head, and began to doze off. When I woke up, about an hour later, I was craving something red. I knew it wasn't that time of the month, because I just had it last week, so I'm good, right? I looked up, my mom, and wallet were gone. Damn!

I buzzed Alicia in.

"Hey Alicia, you got anything... I don't know, red?" I asked her.

"Yes, I'll be back" she walked out.

She came back, with a white foam cup, with some red goo in it. What the hell was this? Well, I'll try anything once, here goes nothing. I drank some of it, and it tasted deliscious. Before you know it, all of it was gone. I buzzed her back in here.

"Whatever it was, was deliscious! What is it?" I asked her, and she got a smork on her face.


Don't you just ove me? LOL! What do u think is in the foam cup? What do you think about Alicia? Well, you better tell all of your friends too read, because I need 18 reads, 5 votes, and 2 comments. I need to know that, I'm not wasting my time on this book.

-Joyful_Janae14 (P.S. Do you like the name change?)

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