Chapter 11 part 2

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Seth's POV.

Good that's finally done. Jess will be happy I finally did this. She's been on me for weeks to get one but I was thinking it would blow over but apparently it's not because I've caught Jenny stalking me twice. There was more but I never saw her I just had that feeling. I've told her over and over to leave Jess and I alone but she just won't take the hint. So I finally went up and got a restraining order against her. I had to show my evidence and wait a while. I don't know how many times I had to go to the courthouse to get this but its finally done. I can't wait to to get back to the apartment to tell Jesse about it, I know this will ease her mind. I turned to Aaron smiling like a loon.

"Okay man it's all done, let's get back to our women!" I say excitedly.

"It's about fucking time. I hate being away from my babygirl." he tells me. I just raised an eyebrow.

"Name calling now are we?" I ask laughing. Yep I think they are in love with each other just in denial about it.

I am so deep in love with Jesse, I need her to finally see this, I would never have anything to do with that skanky bitch. Jesse is all I'll ever need or want. Her and our baby. I cannot wait until the baby gets here. I'm so excited. I don't think I've ever been more excited about anything in my life as I am about our baby. I had Aaron help me pick out another engagement ring for Jesse. This time it was bigger and more beautiful than the first. I believe the first one Jenny took it. I think she's the one that broke into my apartment. I have seen a ring on her ring finger but just a band I think she turns it around so no one can actually see it. I just have the feeling it is the ring. I would go up and demand to look at it but I'm keeping my distance since I got a restraining order against her. I don't want her twisting our interactions some how. I even told the judge I think she broke into my apartment and stole the ring but, without actual proof the judge couldn't do anything it because it since it was just a hunch I was going on. But the pictures, cd and letters were enough to get it. Hopefully it will make Jesse feel better about us. I don't like her having doubts about us or my love for her.

When we return nobody is home so thinking they probably went out to get Jesse something she was craving we sit back and start talking about whatever when suddenly Ang comes storming in the house without Jesse behind her.

"Where is Jesse? Is she okay?" I panic. She looks at me with pure anger in her eyes.

"Like you fucking care!" She yells at me. I stand up wondering what the hell is going on here.

"What the fuck is that suppose to mean!" I say wanting to yell because I'm just so confused. She walks up to me slapping the shit out of me. For a small girl she can hit pretty hard.

"Angela!" Aaron yells. She turns around so fast she slaps the shit out of him too.

"How could you help him you prick!" She yells at him.

"What the fuck Angie what's the hell is going on?! And you need to remember your fucking place!" He growls at her.

"Oh fuck no! You no longer have control over me after what you did! This relationship is over as of now! I will never have a low life like you to be my Dom " She yells at him.

"What the fuck did I do?!" He yells back at her.

"Helping this son of a bitch sneak around Jesse's back so he can screw Jenny!" She yells again and that's when I cut it.

"Woah woah wait a fucking minute. What the hell are you talking about?" I ask her.

"Like you don't know you bastard! Do you enjoy fucking Jesse over? Do you get off watching her hurt while you go screw Jenny?!" She yells at me.

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