𓅓ᴄʜᴀᴘᴛᴇʀ ғᴏᴜʀ𓅓

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"Don't kill him, please, he has done nothing wrong" you say, kneeling in front of the pharaoh.

Yes, you better kneel than have the guilt of having someone's fingers getting cut off because of you.

"Stand up" you stare at your father, not moving.

"Stand up!" Maathotep repeats his order, with a more stern tone.

You obey him quickly, as to not displease him more, the moment you stand up, you realize the huge height difference between you both.

"Guards let go of the servant" he spats out.

The moment the boy is free, Maathotep starts speaking again.

"A princess never kneels, understood" you nod your head at him.

"Yes, I understand"

Your feeling relieved is short-lived when your father walks over to the servant, with a knife in his hand.

He slights the servant's throat mercilessly, giving him a quick death.

Your heart drops in your chest at the sight of the blood, feeling traumatized.

"Go rest"

With that, Maathotep leaves without looking back at the mess he made.

A man died...because of you.

However, you don't know that this is not your father's victim whom he killed in the name of protecting you.

"My princess, let me escort you back to your chamber" your handmaiden, Anatamun states, grabbing your hand to balance you.

"He killed him...so easily"

You keep on mumbling those words on your way.


You are laying on your bed the whole evening until it became night and your handmaidens returned to their chambers.

Guilt and sorrow have turned your eyes red from tears.

Yes, you didn't know the servant and there is no connection between the both of you.

But, the fact that Maathotep could kill an innocent person without remorse.

He might as well kill you if he gets angry.

No wonder, why Neith ran away to the Babylonian prince, she knew that her father is a psychopath.

You get pulled out of your thoughts by the sound of some rustling.

Looking around your room, you notice an Egyptian Mau cat jumping on your bed.

The cat stops in front of your face, just an inch away.

You smile weakly at it, before patting its head.

The cat purrs and leans into your touch as if trying to comfort you in its way.

"You are such a beautiful cat, thank you for lighting the mood"

Little do you know that this isn't a cat, but a shape-shifting man.


Anatamun rushes into your chamber and wakes you up gently.

"Your highness, please wake up"

You slowly open your eyes to look at the handmaiden grumbly.

"What is it? Sun hasn't even risen yet, Anat" you whine, using her nickname.

The cat hisses at her, displeased that it was also woken up.

"Prince Nazir sent a letter" you frown, and sat up.

"That quickly" you mumble, opening the scroll slowly.

Have you lost your wits? Even if you did, you are not allowed to walk out of this relationship.

Playing with my feelings is a big sin in the eyes of gods, you will regret it.

I'm warning you, I will curse you if you keep on insisting on breaking it off with me

From your only true love,
Prince Nazir

When you finish reading the scroll, you let out a chuckle, thinking that this is a joke.

But, you stop chuckling when you realize that you are dealing with Nazir, the prince of Babylon, not some fool.

Babylon has been always associated with dark magic.

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