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Pen Your Pride

This is a BOYxBOY Mindless Behavior story, they are not gay I'm doing this for fun. If you don't agree with this please just move along but please be respectful.

- Sunny (:

Princetons POV

I was walking down the hall until I felt a fist against my head. My whole body flew to the locker, I heard laughing mixed with gasp. I looked up to see Prodigy, he was a bully and he hated gays. I don't know what I ever did to him? "That's for looking at me in the locker room, faggot!" I got back to my feet and rubbed my head and ran to the bathroom. Tears were already running down my face, I looked in the mirror getting tissues and wiping my face off I checked my head to see if it was bleeding or anything, thank god.

I seen an unfamiliar face coming in he came over to me and said "Hey dude, why did that kid just punch you like that?" I looked at him in embarrassment before I replied "Because, I'm gay and I 'looked' at him in the locker room." He grabbed more tissues for me. "You must be new here" I said to him, "Yeah, I'm Chresanto, but call me Roc" he said, "I'm gay too but on the low don't tell anyone, okay?" He looked at me with his brown eyes "I promise, where are you headed?" I asked him, he pulled his schedule out "Uh, 216 Mr. Handy" my eyes lit up when he said that, "Great, I have him too" I folded my arms across my chest and added "He's old and his class doesn't even really matter, people just talk" we began to walk out the door "Let's skip his class then" he said with a challenging voice, "Alright, we can hang out in my car until lunch."

"Nice car" he said as I unlocked it by the keys. "Thank you, I got it for my 16th birthday." "That's awesome, but what's your name again?" He said getting into the car. "Jacob, but just call me Prince" "Well alright, Prince" he looked over and smiled at me, I smiled back. He pulled out his phone and started texting; "Can I have your number Prince?" "Sure, why not. Its 323-319-0606" he texted me as soon as he put it in his phone, "Wow your number is sort like mine, 323-319-6060" he chuckled at the fact that it was right, I opened the text and read it:  

323-319-6060: I think you're cute ^.^

I looked over to him to see him smiling at me, "Why didn't you say that out loud?" I asked him, "It would of been awkward." I laughed at the fact that he's gay but not openly gay. I mean it's nothing wrong with it but its just kinda of cute I guess. "What made you become gay?" He asked. "I was never really into girls, then I went to an all boy school where I met my ex boyfriend Ray," "What happened?" He asked sounding concerned. "He was abusive, I hated it but I loved him." I said quickly, "That's understandable. I mean I was in a relationship with a boy but he was too clingy and had trust issues I had to let him go." He admitted.

We continued our conversation until it was time for lunch, we walked back into the school side by side and I seem Ray walking with Prod. "Let's walk this way" I said quickly trying to avoid them, we started to walk then I heard my name being called. I turned around to see Ray with both hands on his backpack straps. "Come here Prince," I turned around and so did Roc, I walked over to him following his command; "So I heard you looking at Prod while you was in the locker room?" He said, "No I wasn't Ray-" I got rudely interrupted by Prodigy, "Nigga yes the fuck you was, you going to sit here and lie right in his face?" He said clinching his fist, "Well I was but I didn't mean to." I said trying to walk away, Ray pulled my arm tight and grabbed me back to him. "I don't believe I told you you're dismissed did I?" "No, you didn't." I looked over at Roc but he wasn't close by us that he could hear us. He was on his phone playing a game or something. "Now if I hear one more thing about you, you getting it. Do I make my self clear Jacob?" I looked around to see if anyone was looking, "Yes" I mumbled. "I didn't hear you?" "Yes Ray!" I let go of his grip and told me to kiss him, I kissed him like I was told and left his presence.

"You took long enough" Roc said, I just turned my head trying not to let him see my watery eyes. We sat at the table I usually sat at alone, we got in line and got our food. We sat down and Roc asked me a question, "Was that boy with the two braids your ex?" "Yeah," I said munching on my fries; he must of seen Rays handprint on my arm, he asked "What happened to your arm? It wasn't just like that" he held my arm to examine it. "R-Ray did it," I said, "I wish I could stand up for myself but he would fuck me up, he hits so hard" I saw Roc shaking his head. "No one should go through that," he looked up at me "especially a beautiful soul like you."

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