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"Scott who was he? Stiles won't tell me" . I asked scoot with lots of curiosity.

"Emily you don't have to know that person.  He's pure evil. ". Scott replied while giving a suspicious look to stiles.

"What do you mean by that Scott? I know he's not evil , yeah but the girl with him was definitely a phycho bitch. I met her today while i was taking a run into the woods. She was scary. "  I told scott and stiles.

"Are you out of your freaking mind? You could've died in there.  Emily promise me you won't go there again."  Said scott while grabbing my arm and giving me his scary look.

"Get your hands off me Scott. I'm not a kid. I can take care of myself.  I will go wherever i want to go."  I yelled at scott and removing his hand from my arm.

"Scott is right emily. Derek is dangerous.  He can hurt anyone.  You can't protect yourself from him." Said stiles while looking directly into my eyes.

"As i told told you earlier I'm not a kid. Derek won't harm me . I don't wanna be with you guys. We can't be friends. "  I told them and i walked away from them

What the hell is there problem? Why would derek harm me?
But why were they forcing me to stay away from him? What are they hiding from me?
I went to a coffee shop and ordered a coffee for myself.  There was a guy continuously staring at me but i avoided him. The waitress brought my coffee and told me that the guy paid for my coffee.  She told me that he is Andrew and i should talk to him.

Andrew came towards me and asked if he can sitwith me to which i agreed.
Soon our conversation started and we introduced ourselves.

"Andrew do you know about any derek or that burned hale house in the woods?" I asked him.

"You mean darek hale? Yes everyone knows about him. That burned house was once his home. But there was a fire and everyone died . He survived.  Emily but why are you asking about him?" Said Andrew while giving me his confusion look.

I told Andrew everything that happened to which he said the same thing like scott. He's dangerous and all that crap.

Why everyone hate him? Derek lost his family that's the reason why he's avoiding people.  I have a strong feeling that derek is not a bad person, he's just misunderstood.  Guy like him deserves happiness not horrible comments from people.

I told andrew that i have to go back and I left the coffee shop.

I didn't have the car to go back home to i hired a cab and went home.
I decided to cook lunch for jenna and give her a surprise. I'm not that bad at cooking.
The lunch was almost ready so i called for a cab to drop me to beacon Hills hospital.
I packed the lunch and at the mean time cab has also arrived. 

It took about half an hour to reach the hospital.  I went inside the hospital and asked about jenna. The receptionist gave a call to jenna and she came. I surprised her. I told her that I have cooked food for. She asked me about scott and stiles whereabouts  to which i have to lie obviously.

I asked jenna if she can give me her car as i wanted to see beacon Hills eastern point.  Jenna agreed and gave me her car keys. We had our lunch together and then i went to the parking lot.
I took the car and i started driving to beacon Hills eastern point.  It took me about one and half hour to reach there.. It was quite and beautiful and then suddenly i remember the things that scott and stiles told me this morning.  I took out my diary started writing.

Dear diary
I'm at beacon hills eastern point.  It is beautiful and quite.  I wish damon would be here with me. You gave me this ring brother. You told me that it will give strength and hope to live.  We used to spend so much time together.  I miss you damon. A lot happened today damon, scott wanted me to protect myself but i can't protect myself.  You always protected me damon, i want you to protect me. You're my brother, it's your job to protect me.
I'm trying to be happy and strong damon but it's too hard for me. I need you brother, i need my protector.

It was late, i have to go back to beacon Hills hospital to receive jenna.
I went to the hospital and jenna was waiting for me. We had our dinner outside.
I was trying to be happy but i know that jenna knows that I'm still sad about damon's death.

We reached to house and went straight to my room and I wanted to have a nice warm shower. It was around 11pm and i was ready to sleep. I always keep damon's ring around me while sleeping.  I searched my entire room but i couldn't find his ring.

I started to cry and curse myself.  I think that i lost it in eastern point.  I have to get it.  That ring is my life, i have to find it no matter what.  I didn't even change my clothes and took jenna's car  without telling her. She was asleep when I went. I was driving as fast as i can. Finally i have arrived, i  took a flash light and started looking for the ring.  It was too dark and cold.

I have to find it. Damon gave it to me.. I'm sorry damon. Please forgive me.  I was crying out loud and asking for forgiveness from damon. I was tired and cold. I couldn't feel my legs anymore and my vision was blurry. I called out for damon but he was not there. My brother was long gone  and i fainted.

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