Chapter 18

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"Love and Lies"

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Chapter 18

Damn.  She was screwed.  Glancing around nervously she tried to think quickly and come up with a plan. 

Unfortunately no plan came to mind, she was so screwed.  She refused to tell the guys though.  She didn’t want one of them blowing their tops and losing their tempers. Then the little boy could get hurt, or worse, killed.  

She shuddered at the thought.  Aaron was still standing in the shadows waiting for her to make a decision.  He was getting more impatient by the minute. 

She finally took a few steps back and discreetly reached for Joe’s wrist.  The moment their skin came in contact with each Joe craned her head around

Trina slightly inclined her head in Aaron’s direction.  She looked that way and spotted him with the little boy immediately.  Thankfully, she seemed to understand what Trina was going to do without any further direction. 

None of the undercover cops were currently watching them; at least she prayed they weren’t. She didn’t want anyone to stop her.  All she needed to do was somehow draw the little boy away form Aaron so detective Harrington could do his job and arrest the ass hole.

She noticed a small group of teens passing by and easily mingled into the group. The guys seemed to be enamored with the cotton candy machine.  She breathed out a sigh of relief.  It was easier to slip away than she thought it would be.

The closer she inched towards Aaron her heart started pounding wildly in her chest.  She could feel beads of sweat slowly dripping down the back of her neck.  This is it, she thought to herself. 

This was going to be the final game play and hopefully, this time it would be her calling check mate instead of Aaron.

She glanced back again, looking for Joe when suddenly Trina felt a bruising grip wrap around her upper arm.  Before she could scream a hand covered her mouth and she was being pulled behind one of the larger booths.

“Hello darling, did you miss me?” Aaron asked, sneering in her ear.

Her arm was already throbbing from the tight hold he had on her.  She didn’t dare move.  Trina just stood in place, stiff as a board.

“What’s wrong, Trina?  Neither that cowboy of yours or that red-headed bitch can save you now.  It’s just you and me this time babe.  I think you’ve been a very naughty girl.  Daddy needs to punish you. What do you think?”

She struggled to keep her voice as steady as she could manage. “Aaron,” she licked her dry lips.  “I’ll do whatever you want, just let the little boy go, please.”

Aaron laughed.  He laughed right there in her face. 

Trina glanced down at the little boy.  He looked so innocent, standing there, eating his snow cone. “Aaron,” she pleaded with him again.  “Please, let him go.”

His hand suddenly wrenched her hair.  He roughly jerked her head back so she was forced to look him in the eyes.

“You,” he said with his face just hovering centimeters away from hers.  “You have no say right now.  I’m the one with all the power.  If you know what’s good for you, you’ll keep that sweet mouth of your shut or else I’m going to shut it for you. Hell, I like that idea-”

Before she could protest he brought his lips over hers and roughly kissed her.  She tried to pull away from him but the more she fought, the rougher he became.  She refused to open her mouth for him and in retaliation; he bit her lower hard. 

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