Chapter 17

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"Love and Lies"

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Chapter 17

“Are you sure about this?” Trevor asked.  His concern for her was written all over his face.

She looked up and it never ceased to amaze her how impressive his profile was standing in the doorway. 

She stood.  This was something she had to do.  “Yeah, actually I am.  I have a good feeling that today could finally be the day that we get Aaron out of our lives.  This plan of the detective’s is a good one. I have faith in him.  It will work.” She said with certainty.

Trevor studiously eyed her every move.  She walked over to the dressing table and sat down to brush out her hair.  She was watching herself in the mirror when she felt his strong presence behind her.  He carefully plucked the brush from her hand and continued to gently detangle her hair.

“You have such beautiful hair, Katrina.” He said gruffly. “It reminds me of the lake at midnight, so shiny and smooth.”

The combination of his voice and the soft ministrations with his hands as he brushed her hair was very soothing.  She closed her eyes and for just a moment and savored the emotional connection that was stirring between them.  She had a feeling that this was the calm before the storm.

“Katrina?” The way that he said her name was like an ignition to her senses.  She opened her eyes and they instantly locked with his through the reflection in the mirror.  He rested his hand against her cheek and she instinctively leaned in to it.

“Sweet Katrina,” he repeated.  “Promise me.”  He held her gaze with the utmost determination and leaned so that his warm breath blew against her ear.  “Promise me that you won’t do anything stupid today.  Promise me that you will stay with me or Lev at all times and let the cops do what they need to do.  Can you do that much for me? Please?”

She could easily read the anxiety in his face.  She covered his hand that rested against her cheek and nodded. “Trust me.  I’ve every intention of doing only what the detective instructed me to do. Don’t worry; I’m going to be stuck to you like white on rice.  Just try getting rid of me,” she teased. 

Trevor straightened and brought her up with him.  He turned her around so that they were both facing each other and their lips were just a breath apart. Leaning in, he placed a sweet butterfly kiss against her lips.  She loved the feeling of being his arms and couldn’t wipe the silly grin from her face.

         “You better,” Trevor teased right back, sweeping down and placing a kiss on her nose this time. He continued his assault of kisses, trailing his mouth to each of her cheeks before finally landing on her lips once again.  The kiss started slowly and sweet.  They both took time savoring each other.  Her hands tightened around his neck and she pressed her body closer to him. 

That was all the encouragement he needed.  With a growl he pulled her even tighter against his chest and she could feel his growing arousal as the heat emanating from his groin branded it against her stomach.  The kiss quickly became more carnal and Trina hungered for so much more.

Trevor broke the kiss first. He looked down at her with a satisfying smirk.  Her lips were tingled from the way that he thoroughly ravaged her mouth.  Her eyes glazed with a lust induced haze.

“I love you, Katrina.” He whispered.

Closing her eyes, she let his words wash over her.  He loved her.  She opened her eyes and he was staring at her.  She knew that he longed to hear her return those words, but she wasn’t ready yet.  She needed to put all this stuff with Aaron behind them before she could make any kind of commitment.  She tried to convey her feelings with her eyes. He seemed to understand, leaning down and brushing one more sweet kiss against her lips.

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