Chapter 2

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“Love and Lies”

Chapter 2

Trina hurt so bad that she wanted to curl up and die. Everything about her relationship with Aaron turned out to be nothing but lies.

He didn’t love her. Hell, she doubted he even really cared.  Aaron was all about Aaron.  He did what he wanted, when he wanted and how he wanted.  She couldn’t believe that she hadn’t seen it before.

She’d been played the fool thinking that she would finally find her happily ever after.  While she was dreaming of her perfect Prince Charming and their future together, Prince Charming was out screwing everything with a skirt.  She felt like a total idiot.

The image of Aaron and that floozy kissing each other in plain sight made her sick to her stomach.  Not only had he cheated on her but he had the gall to get another woman pregnant. She’d never been so humiliated in her life.

The man didn’t even have the decency to be discreet about it.  He’d been caught red handed and the best excuse he could come up with was ‘it didn’t mean anything’.

Trina snorted out loud.  Like that was supposed to make everything better.  He wasn’t even man enough to apologize.  Instead, he acted like it was her fault for catching him.  And that’s what bothered her the most.

Exhausted, Trina started for her bedroom.  Her head ached and her eyes felt like sandpaper after all the tears that she spilled.  Right now all she wanted was to be alone. 

She stopped just inside the door.  Lowering her head, her eyes filled with tears.  “What am I going to do,” she mumbled. Being a starving artist she didn’t make enough to pay her bills.  At the end of the month Aaron always had to help her out.

Joe was only a waitress and barely made ends meet.  And then there was Aaron’s family.  His father practically announced to everyone that she was engaged to his son.  If word got out that she was the one to dump him then he might take that as an embarrassment to his family. It was a well known fact that Aaron’s father did not take embarrassment too well.  He was a big man in New York.

Trina remembered what happened to that reporter who dared to publish a story about his nightly visits to a certain strip bar.  The article insinuated that he did more than just tip the dancers. Since he was married to the Governors daughter, the article didn’t bode well for his image.  Last Trina heard the reporter had been fired, evicted from his apartment and had his car repossessed. 

Aaron’s father had the contacts and if Trina tried to get another job, he had the wherewithal to stop her.

It was a no win situation.

“You need to call home,” Joe offered.  “I’m sure your family would love to see you.”

That was out of the question.  The last time Trina walked out her mother’s door, her brother told her that she was making the biggest mistake of her life.  The last thing she wanted was to let him know how right he was.

“No way!” she shook her head.  “There is no way I’m calling them.  Besides, I love this city.  I love staying here with you where I can paint.  McLeansville is barely more than a dot on a map.  There is nothing for me there. Nothing.”

Joe pulled her cell phone out of her back pocket.  She grabbed Trina’s hand and slammed it into her palm.  “Make the call, Trina.  I think you’ll be surprised.”

Turning around, Joe walked out of the room leaving Trina alone again.

She stared down at the phone.  It’s been almost two years since she last spoke with her mother or brother.  She upset her mother when she told her that she was leaving.  Her brother had been so angry because she upset their mother that he wouldn’t he say good-bye to her.  She had to leave though.  The constraints of small town life were smothering her.

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