Chapter 8

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“Love and Lies”

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Chapter 8


The drive to Greensboro passed fairly quickly.  Joe’s flight was only half an hour late and after introductions were quickly made, Trevor was ushering them back to the car.  He claimed he wanted to be home for dinner. 

All the way home, Trina gushed guiltily over Joe.  Joe finally had to threaten her to make her stop talking about Aaron and what happened.  She was a little bruised but nothing bad.  She’d live.  She just wanted to make that bastard pay for every mark he put on her body.

Two hours late they were back on Huffine Farm Road.  Trevor easily navigated the car down the old dirt road.  After parking in the drive, he collected Joe’s suitcases and headed inside.  Joe grabbed her purse and let Trina lead the way.

“So,” Joe asked when they walked into the house, “what else can you tell me about this brother of yours.”

Trina shrugged.  “There isn’t a whole lot to tell.  He’s tall, about the same height as Trevor and his hair is a shade lighter than mine.  He looks like me with muscles and a lot more body hair.”  

They stopped at the door beside hers.  It was the guest room and where Joe would be staying for the next four weeks.  “When we were back in high school he liked to think of himself as some sort of a regular Casanova.  I thought he was full of shit.”

This time Joe threw her head back and laughed out loud.  “Somehow, as hard as it may be to believe, I can almost see you saying that. I always knew you had a backbone, Trina.” The smile slowly died from her face and now she was looking at Trina with a serious expression.  “I just wished you would have found it before you met Aaron. You don’t have any idea how much I regret not speaking up before I did. The man was a gigolo and he didn’t deserve you.”

The trunk popped open and Trina looked away.  She didn’t want to think about Aaron right now, much less talk about him. She knew now he was the biggest mistake that she’d ever made in her life.    

Trevor took the suitcases into the guest room, ignoring the girls comments.  “As far as my brother is concerned I don’t know what else I can tell you, Joe.  I haven’t really been around him for the last two years. Lev, he’s just...well he’s Lev.”

“That’s the thing, he hasn’t changed,” Trevor added, dropping the suitcases on the floor.

 It was so hard for Trina not to notice how perfect his wrangler jeans cupped that tight ass of his. She wanted to reach out with both hands and squeeze those delectable cheeks.  She knew that he was a very dangerous man and even as she told herself that he was nothing more than another heartbreak waiting to happen, her body disagreed.  

 “Your brother is still just as wild as ever. Even I admit that he has a gift when it comes to the ladies. They hear his southern drawl and women turn to gooey shit in his hands.  It’s almost sickening how easy it is for him.”

“And let me guess,” Joe interrupted, “he knows what type of effect he has on these women too.”

“Yup, unfortunately he does and he isn’t at all ashamed to use it to his advantage.”

Joe didn’t say anything for a minute. Her right eye was bruised and her lip was swollen but she still looked as gorgeous as ever with her long fiery red hair and a Victoria Secret body that was rocking with the best of them.

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