Chapter 7

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“Love and Lies”

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Chapter 7

The alarm on Trina’s cell started belting out Bon Jovi’s ‘Living on a Prayer’ at precisely eight o’clock in the morning.  Groaning, she blindly reached over to her night stand and smacked the phone.

When the song continued she raised her head and squinted towards the table. She saw the glow from the backlight on her LCD screen and realized that it was her phone making that God awful racket and not her alarm clock.  Grabbing the phone she brought it closer to her face so that she could see and fumbled with the touch screen until finally she managed to shut the dang thing up.

Tossing it to her side, Trina continued to lay there. She felt like she had barely slept. Her head was throbbing.  To add to her misery she suddenly remembered the events from the night before.  The text from Aaron, the picture he sent her of what he’d done to Joe, and then that amazing kiss she shared with Trevor.  That kiss was the main reason she had trouble falling asleep in the first place.

Trina groaned. Trevor had gone on to tell her that he meant to have her.  He revealed to her that he’d always wanted her and now that she was back, he planned on having her.  After what happened to her in New York, she didn’t even want to think about men or any kind of serious relationship right now.

All she wanted was to be alone.  Alone so that she could be free to wallow in her own self pity.

Was that too much to ask for?

She groaned again and pulled the cover up over head.  She so did not need this right now.

She needed to be able to focus. Joe, her best friend needed her to be strong.  She needed to make Aaron understand that he couldn’t control her.  She wouldn’t stand for it.  She needed to take control.

A sharp knock sounded at her door.  Trina pulled the cover off her face just in time to see her twin walking into to her room.

He had that serious look about him.  The same look that said it was time to talk.  She watched as he closed the door behind him.

“How ya’ doing?” he asked, wandering across the room to her desk.  He grabbed the old wooden chair that she had since high school, flipped it around backwards and sat down.

Trina shrugged and started to take a keen interest in a loose string on top of her comforter.  “Fine, I suppose.”

Lev let out a loud sigh.  “Trina, talk to me... please.  I’m tired of getting the runaround.  Yesterday, when you arrived you seemed like you wanted space.  I gave you that space.  Then last night, I hear about this text you received from an ex boyfriend from Trevor.  He also told me that your roommate is going to be staying with us for a while.  What in the hell happened?”

Trina knew she had to tell him.  There would be no more putting him off.  She started by telling him how she met Aaron a year and a half ago at an Art festival.  He was there to support his father, the congressman.  He bumped into her literally and she spill champagne all over her brand new dress.  He was handsome; he’d apologized profusely and was quite the Prince Charming.  By the end of the night she was eating right out of his hands.

At first it was a few phone calls then he asked her out to dinner.  Dinner soon led to other dates and eventually they started clubbing.  Three months later she was being introduced to his family as his girlfriend.  Eventually every hour of her day was scheduled.  Aaron wanted to know where she was at all times.  At the time she thought he was just being attentive but now that she thought about it, Trina realized it was because he was obsessive.  As time progressed her friends began to dwindle until all she had was Joe.  If Aaron could have pushed Joe out of her life, she had no doubts that he would have.

“I thought I was in love,” Trina told her brother.  Joe was the one that showed me differently.  The night before I left a woman approached me.  She told me that Aaron had been seeing her too.  She told me that she was having his baby.

To prove her case, she walked up to Aaron and touched his arm.  He didn’t see me, but I sure as hell saw him.  That’s when he kissed her.  It was one of those kisses designed to initiate hot, wild sex.”

“Oh man.” Lev whistled.  “Knowing you, things progressed downhill fairly quickly after that.”

“Yeah, that’s an understatement. I approached him and pretty much told him where he could go.  Joe and I left the club afterwards.  An hour later he showed up at our apartment and that’s when he showed his true colors and I knew I had to leave.”

Lev eyes narrowed into tiny slits.  His entire face grew stony. “He didn’t hurt you, did he?  If he dared to lay one finger on you, sis, I’ll fly up there myself and open up a good ole’ can of whoop ass on him.”

"No, he didn’t hurt me,” she assured him.  She was glad Joe was there to make him leave.  “But he did hurt Joe that’s why I want her to come here for a while. You don’t mind do you?”

Lev grinned.  “Is she hot?”

Trina frowned.  “Forget it.  She’s not your type.”

“If she’s female, has good looking legs and a pretty face then she’s my type.”

“No, don’t you dare do it.  You stay away from her,” Trina warned.  “She needs a good guy.  You’re nothing but a player.”

“I can be a good guy.”

“Right, in your dreams.” She tossed a pillow at his head. “Seriously, I don’t want her getting hurt.”

“Fine, I’ll stay away from her if it makes you happy.”

“If what makes you happy?” Trevor appeared in the doorway looking entirely too good in

a pair of faded wranglers, a white tee and leather cowboy boots for eight o’clock in the morning.  “Speak of the devil and he shall come.”

Lev stood up and chuckled.  “Thank God some things around here never change.” He walked over to Trevor and they did this hand slap, handshake thing that they’d been doing as long as she could remember. “How’s it going man?”

“Good. My car is down stairs.  The plane is supposed to land at noon so we don’t have a whole lot of time before we need to get out of here.”

“Sounds good. I appreciate you doing this for me.  With the new job I couldn’t get any time off.  You two be careful and I’ll see ya’ll at dinner.”

“Bye,” Trina said and he walked out the door. 

Trina was now completely alone with Trevor.  “Not one word,” she warned.

All he did was continue to smile that sexy as sin grin, further irritating her. "I wasn’t going to say anything,” he defended himself and then of all things, winked at her.

“Are you ready to go?”

She looked down at her pajama clad self.  “What do you think?”

“I think you look sexy in whatever you wear. If you want to put a paper bag on your head, more power to you.” 

“You are such an ass.  Give me thirty minutes and I’ll be ready,” she told him.

“You’ve got fifteen minutes.  I need to get gas.”


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