Chapter 5

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“Love and Lies”

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Chapter 5

Trina stretched her arms above her head and bowed her body like a lazy cat in a feeble attempt to wake up. Her head was aching and she felt like she’d been sleeping for hours but since no one had bothered to wake her up yet, she knew it couldn’t have possibly been that long.

Yawning, she slowly started to open her eyes. It took her a good minute to acclimate herself to her old room. Everything was the exact same way that she remembered it. Her bed was still covered with the purple comforter she begged her parents for on her sixteenth birthday. All her rock band poster of Bon Jovi and Sebastian Bach were still taped to her mustard colored walls. Her old wooden desk still sat in the corner with the hamburger shaped telephone sitting on top of it. It was as if she never even left.

She pushed herself up off the bed and sighed. She was just too tired to know what to think right now. Her mama had invited friends to come over for dinner. The last thing she wanted to do right now was face all of her old friends from high school. She hadn’t spoken with any of them since the day that she walked out her mama’s front door.

She should have known that her mama would have wanted to do something like this, she should have expected it. She just had so many other things going on in her mind that she hadn’t been able to get her bearings together yet.

Trina got up and hauled one of her suitcases on the bed, popping it open. She pulled out a simple black dress with a scoop neck. There was nothing really fancy about it and the cotton material was thin and comfortable. Compared to the rest of her wardrobe it was conservative which made it perfect for tonight.

Slipping into a pair of black ballet flats Trina stood up and looked at herself in the full length mirror tacked to the back of her bedroom door. It was definitely a marked improvement.

Resigned, Trina glanced at her watch.  It was time to go downstairs.  She could hear the low murmur of voices as she stopped on the landing. There was one voice that stuck out over everyone else’s though. One voice she would recognize anywhere, Leah Barclove.

They cheered on the same squad together all through high school. Leah was the head cheerleader and Trina had been the co-captain. They got along for appearances sake but Trina hated the type of person Leah really was. Anyone that wasn’t on the cheer squad or on the football team was beneath Leah.

Smoothing out her skirt, she put on her best smile and strode into the living room where everyone was gathered. She was getting ready to walk by Leah when she heard her name being spoken and stopped.

“I can’t believe she had the nerve to come back home. You know Cammie went to NYU and she told me that Trina was nothing more than a common whore for some rich yuppie heir. His dad is like a Congressman or something.”

Trina felt her anger rise. She’d been through a boat load of crap in the last twenty-four hours. She wasn’t about to put up with a jealous bitch on top of it all. She’d just as soon as kick her out ass then listen to her bad mouth her in her own home.

Changing directions, she turned around to confront Leah

“Excuse me,” she interrupted, tapping her on her shoulder. “It’s been awhile, hasn’t it?”

Leah startled and turned around. Her eyes initially grew wide before relaxing and then she pasted on her traditional killer smile. “Lord have mercy,” she drawled dramatically. “I didn’t see you standing there. You scared me half to death, Trina.”

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