Chapter 1

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“Love and Lies”

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Chapter 1

The rhythmic thumping of the drums vibrated like a living pulse through the floor.  The bright strobe lights illuminated the room with colorful flashes of color, beating in time with the pounding music blaring from the surround sound speakers. Sweat laden bodies crowded the floor, sinuously moving together, touching, grinding, arousing.

The atmosphere was charged, electricity crackled in the air.  The dancing was sexual in its intensity and the molten heat filling the room was close to permeating the roof.

After growing up in a small backwoods town where you couldn’t take a piss without someone noticing, Trina finally found a place that she felt like she belonged; a place where people understood who she was as an individual.

New York City.  

No one here faulted her for her aspirations- her dreams.  Frankly, no one really cared that she sat in her studio apartment half the day and painted confusing pieces of abstract artwork to express her feelings and that was the way that she liked it.

She didn’t have anyone hovering over her shoulders, telling her what she needed to do.  She wasn’t constantly being compared to Lev, her perfect twin brother that in her family's eyes, walked on water and she wasn’t being scorned for her different outlook on how she thought she should live her life.

No, in New York, Trina finally found her own little piece of happiness.

Her hips swayed to the left, she then dipped down and pushed back, letting the music guide her movements.  She could feel her boyfriend, Aaron behind her.  His hands firmly locked on her hips, her back flush to his hard chest, and his growing arousal pressed hard against her backside as they intimately danced in the center of the floor.

She could smell his cologne.  It was a heady mixture of rich, spicy and sweet spices teasing her nostrils. She felt ultra-feminine in Aaron’s arms.  He doted on her, treated her the way a real woman was supposed to be treated.

Aaron Wright was nothing like the stupid red neck hillbillies she had to put up with in North Carolina growing up.

He was a real man- a ladies’ man.

Trina and Aaron had been dating for the last year and half.  In two weeks Aaron would graduate from NYU and in the fall he was heading to law school.  His father was a popular congressman that had his sights on the presidency in two years and Aaron planned to fall into his footsteps.

He had big aspirations and Trina wanted to be the one to stand by his side every step of the way.  She wanted to be the one rooting him on, encouraging him to make all his dreams come true.

Last night that she told her roommate, Joe, that she thought he was the one; the one that she would spend the rest of her life with.  She envisioned them living in a penthouse.  There would be a room for her to paint.  An office for Aaron to conduct his political business and more importantly, they would have each other.

She closed her eyes and felt Aaron's hand move up her sides.  She dropped her head forward, giving him access to her bare neck.  His breath was warm and his wicked tongue was even hotter.  Licking along her neck, he playfully nibbled her ear and whispered so that only she could hear him.  “Can you feel how hard I am for you?”

Yeah, she could feel it alright and she reveled in the fact that she alone could make him this way.  “Oh yeah,” she sighed and pushed harder up against him.  She couldn’t imagine being with anyone else.

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