Bonus Chapter 3

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Lots of Love

Lilly's POV:

"You truly do look beautiful today. He is going to be awestruck when he sees you." I was sitting in my dressing room in a big puffy white gown as my Maid of Honor Kaitie was giving me a little pep talk. Although there was no way in heck I would even think about refusing to walk down the aisle.

"Are you ready to go?" Christina, another one of my bridesmaids, asked me. "I was waiting on you." I said allowing a huge smile on my face. This was going to be the best day of my life. Of course as any other bride I had little nerves, but I honestly could not wait for my life with Jake to start.

I walked to the door to see my dad waiting. "There's my little girl." He said as my four bridesmaids walked out and down the aisle. There was Kaitie, Christina, and two others. One was named Jane. We became very close in college. She had gone on a couple missions with me. The other was named Bridgit. She was also very close to me. She was often the operator of technology.

I looked out to the aisle and caught a glimpse of everyone there. They shut the doors in preparation for my entrance. "I love you Lilly. It's going to be extremely hard to give away my one and only daughter. I'm glad that you have Jake." My dad said smiling at me and I gave him a hug before putting the veil over my face. "I love you too daddy." I said right before the doors opened and the familiar wedding melody rang through my ears.

I walked at a slow pace and looked at everyone I loved all together. My mom was crying and it made me want to cry too.

I looked down the rest of the aisle to see Jake. He looked great but mostly all I could see was the adoration in his eyes as he beamed at me. I couldn't help but put a huge smile on my face as my heart throbbed just knowing that I would be his and he would be mine for the rest of our lives.

We got to the end of the aisle and my father lifted my veil and kissed my cheek. "I'm so proud of you." He said before turning to Jake and shaking his hand with a nod before sitting down.

Everything around me just disappeared and suddenly it was just me and Jake. The priest said what he needed to say and then it was Jake's turn for his vows. "Lilly, since the first day I met you, I knew I found the one. You are so strong and that time I thought I was going to lose you, I thought I was going to die too. I could not imagine being without you. That's why I promise from now on to always be here for you, in good times and in bad. I love you." As he finished his words I could tell each one of them were sincere and a single tear streamed down my face.

"Lilly, your turn." The priest said and I began. "Jake, every single day with you has been a new adventure. When we were young I would get butterflies everytime I was around you and that feeling hasn't worn off. You were, are, and will always be my first and only true love. I love you." I wanted to kiss him right then and there.

The priest continued with the ceremony. Jake placed a ring on my finger and I did the same to him. "You may kiss the bride." He said and without hrsitation Jake's lips were on mine and it felt like our first kiss all over again. Cheers erupted from the congregation. We walked down the aisle as all kinds of pictures were being taken of us.

One by one people came to congratulate us. Suddenly I was engulfed in a huge hug from my not so little brother Josh. "You made it sis." He laughed and I punched his shoulder. "You thought I wouldn't." I stood there with sass. "No, I knew you would. If he ever get out of line just let me know. I can make him disappear." He said loudly but mostly as a joke. "I heard that." Jake chuckled from behind me. "Good." Josh replied. What will I ever do with thise boys.

John and Chris were around as well. They congratulated me earlier. John and Kaitie were engaged now. They are hopefully next to get married. Cross your fingers Kaitie catches the boquet tonight.

At the reception we all had a great time. The music was great, the food was amazing, and everything was perfect. One spy free, villain free day. It was almost unbelievable.

I never could've wished for a better wedding or a better husband.

"So how's it going, Mrs. Waters?" A familiar voice said leaning on the wall next to me. "Pretty good, Mr.Waters." I laughed and he kissed me again. Suddenly a loud crash rang out. I pulled a kife out from under my dress and Jake pulled a gun from the inside of his tux. Half the people in the room did the same. "False alarm everyone. Just a tray of broken dishes." John called out and everyone resumed life as usual.

"Will we ever stop being on edge all this time?" I giggled

"Not in this lifetime." Jake said as the night ended.

The best day of my life was coming to an end quickly as it was 11:58. Most everyone had packed up and left by now and we were on our way out too. Jake kissed my forehead. "We should do this again sometime." I laughed hitting him in the back of the head. "I love you." I replied. "I love you too." He said kissing me and we continued kissed when the clock struck 12:00 right behind us. Today was perfect.

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