Chapter 2-New Students

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At school

"Wah,I'm so sleepy" Suho said while yawning."Aigo,you sleepy head" Kyungsoo said only make Suho glare at him.

They enter their class then sit on their place.After ten minutes,the teacher come with six handsome boys."Okay class,you have a new friend today.Please intro yourself guys" the teacher said.The first guy intro himself."Hey,I'm Kim Jongdae but you can call me Chen".Then the tanned man said "Yo,I'm Kim Jongin but you can call me Kai for simple".

"Hi :) I'm Zhang Yixing but you guys can also call me Lay" the angelic one said."I'm Sehun.Oh Sehun" the other boy said."Hey guys! I'm Park Chanyeol.Please take care of me and let's be friend" the derp one said."Wu Yifan but can call me Kris" the last boy said.The last boy caught Tao attention."His hair look familiar" he said to himself.

Suho's Pov

That Yixing boy is so cute *blush* ."Ok boys,go have a sit" the teacher said.When he walk towards me,I don't know why my heart beat so fast."Hey,can I sit beside you" He said while smile.That fucking smile!With his dimple!Omg!Someone please help me! "S-Sure" "Thanks" he said.

At the canteen

Author's Pov

The five cute guys go to their table."Where is Xiumin hyung?" Tao ask them."He said he want go to the toilet" Luhan answer his question.

Meanwhile in the toilet

"You useless"


"They never love you"


That sounds come from one of the toilet...

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