Harry and I went a whole five days without even saying a word to each other. We sat at dinner, said grace and ate in silence. I was trying to see positivity everywhere I went, even in school, where I hated things most. I was staying after school to spend less time at home, so I wouldn't have to stay in the same place as him. Everything about him angered me, even when he did nothing. I couldn't even look at him anymore, I had to get away.

I spent my Friday afternoon buying accessories for my fish's tank. It was hard getting used to Eden, who I had only had for just a month or so. She wasn't like Forrest, Caesar, Fish and Tybalt. Eden was shy and unappreciative of what I had bought her, last week I got her pink coloured rocks and she didn't even look at them. I understood that she was a fish, but I still expected to see Eden swimming in excitement. Everything she did reminded me of sadness.

I went straight upstairs as soon as I came home. I marched to my room and emptied my bag of goods before kneeling in front of the tank to see Eden unenthusiastically gliding through the water. A quick sigh left my lips as I transferred her into a plastic container and put her aside. My hands searched for the new cave and seaweed which was placed thoughtfully into her tank.

I carefully placed her back in her tank, hoping she'd be somewhat happy. She still looked depressed. I just wanted her to feel confident, but how could I help? She had to help herself.

Maybe she needed a new friend.

That's it. She just needed company. Eden didn't have anyone but her mother, which was me. So, it was about time she got herself a boyfriend. Maybe they could have eggs together, and create a family. Eden's happiness was my priority.

As I excitedly rushed to get my purse and immediately run back downstairs, I realised something. I was going a little bit crazy. I was misinterpreting a fish's swim as a metaphor for sadness and depression. I should be using my need for making my pet happy as a metaphor for sadness and depression. I was lonely, not Eden. I needed a boyfriend, not Eden.

Yeah, I needed a boyfriend. A nice one with feelings. I knew that Harry wasn't my boyfriend, but he was close enough to use an example of what I didn't like in a boy.

Yes, it may sometimes appear as attractive if he rebels against the world. But let's be real, he's got no future. I wanted a boyfriend that wasn't afraid to show emotion.

I had a confident smile on my face as I freely sighed and decided not to go shopping for another fish. It was sad, weird and just plain... well, weird.

I headed straight for the living room considering that Murdoch Mysteries was about to start in ten minutes. But as soon as I opened the door, a frail, scrawny, ginger cat with odd chunks of fur missing from its body ran past my feet and straight upstairs.

Who the heck was that?

I entered the living room hoping for some answers as to why there was a cat in our house, but I was met with someone unexpected. It was Clyde, and he was morosely sat at our sofa, flooded with tears. Just like how I looked when he didn't turn up as my date for Dinner & Dance.

"W-What are you doing here?" I nervously asked as I crossed my arms weakly. He worriedly looked at me and let out exhausted exhales before grasping a cushion and hugging it tight.

"I'm in trouble with some people," He cried, wiping his stray tears. "So Fruit Loop's gotta go on low profile for a while."

"What? Where's Harry?" I furrowed my eyebrows. This was deeply concerning and I didn't like it at all.

"Making me tea in the kitchen." He quietly whispered in defeat.

"Are you okay?" I awkwardly murmured, obviously knowing that he wasn't. But what else was I supposed to say?

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